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  • British television personality Davina McCall has been a presenter for many years but became a household name as the host of the popular reality competition Big Brother. Amongst her efforts to remain young and fit, Davina exercises regularly and eats right, but says that she is holding off on getting Botox—at least for now.

    In a new interview with OK! Magazine Davinia says that at 46 she stands out against other women and mothers her age because unlike them, she actually has wrinkles.

    The mother-of-three told OK! magazine: “I look at everybody now and they’re all doing it (plastic surgery).

    “I would like to say no, because I don’t want my children to look at me and think I look like the Bride of Wildenstein!

    “But it’s getting to the stage now where a wrinkle’s a weird thing. I was smiling in a picture the other day on my Twitter feed, and somebody went: ‘Ooh, you’ve got wrinkles’.

    “I was like: ‘I’m 46, of course I’ve got wrinkles!’ But people don’t seem to have wrinkles any more – they’re all Botoxed!”

    Despite being proud to have wrinkles and not having tried Botox yet, Davina says that although she is natural right now, it doesn’t mean that she intends to remain that way forever.

    The Million Pound Drop presenter added: “So I’m holding out for as long as I can – but I can’t say I never will, I wouldn’t like to lie, but I’m kicking against it.”


    Davina’s rise to fame has been rocky and had a difficult childhood with a mother who seems to have behaved rather like a child herself. Davina didn’t originally set out to be a television personality or host, but rather a singer.


    In her schooldays, Davina was in a band and later embarked on a solo career when she dated renowned rock musician Eric Clapton. From there she has had a series of careers in the entertainment field and eventually became a presenter on MTV, which eventually parlayed into her current notoriety.


    Although she may not get Botox injections, Davina takes good care of herself. For years she has trained with a husband and wife physical trainer team and has also had her own line of fitness DVDs and selling 1.5 milion DVDs over the past eight years (her latest being the high-intensity training work-out Davina Intense


    Still, despite looking fit, Davina has her own share of insecurities, sharing in an interview last year that she considered having liposuction on her “fat knees.”


    “Oh my God, of course I have! I really can’t stand my legs because I’ve got fat knees and I hate them. I keep wondering if they do liposuction just for knees. The next Hollywood type you meet, can you ask them and find out for me? I have insecurities just like everyone else, but working out helps get rid of them. I’ve discovered that the more muscly my thighs and calves are, the less people notice my fat knees.”