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  • Britney Spears, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction

    What can you accomplish in three months? Apparently you can lose a lot of weight, well at least according to pop princess Britney Spears. Her new goal is to drop 3-4 dress sizes in three months. Can she do it? It is yet to be seen, but of course plastic surgery can help, too.

    Star Magazine says Britney Spears will get 12 lipodissolve treatments (a type of cellulite/fat reduction procedure), a breast lift, a lower-body lift for her thighs and buttocks, liposuction to get excess fat off her stomach and love handles as well as a brachioplasty (arm lift) to tighten up flab on her arms. She is planning on getting 12 of the $1,500 lipdissolve treatments over a 24-week period. She will spend $8,000 on a breast lift, $12,000 on a lower-body lift for the thighs and buttocks, $16,000 on liposuction for her back, stomach, and love handles, and $6,000 on brachioplasty to tighten up her upper arms. This all comes down to a grand total of $130,000.

    Make Me Heal recently reported that Britney Spears allegedly visited a liposuction specialist recently in Las Vegas about getting Lipodissolve, a type of mesotherapy procedure (See full article on Britney Spear’s Liposuction). Mesotherapy is a procedure that is popular in Europe that is aimed at reducing fat and improving the apperance of cellulite through a series of injections with micro needles.

    She may even consult celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia, the one who did the nose of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz’s nose, and Ashlee Simpson, for a nose job. Why all the surgery? Britney Spears wants to look as slim and hot as she did before getting pregnant. She may have even already on lipodissolve treatments in Las Vegas while she out there recently.

    We wonder about whether this entire story is true, considering that Britney is only 25 and some of these procedures such as brachioplasty and lower body lift are really reserved for morbidly obese patients who cannot lose weight naturally. Britney hardly fits this profile, as with a few months of consistent hard work can lose all the flab that she gained during her pregnancies and hard-partying lifestyle. However, we would not be surprised if Britney did get some liposuction treatments done and a breast lift which is a popular mommy makeover combination.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also shares in the skepticism about the truth of whether Britney Spears will have all the alleged procedures done, or maybe just some of them.

    Dr. Youn writes in his blog, “While this information is from Star Magazine, a “reputable” tabloid, I doubt it is completely accurate. Lower body lifts and brachioplasties would leave her with long scars which could easily be visible depending on the clothes she wears. In addition, while she may have gained some weight recently, this is no reason for her to have these surgeries. They are not for weight loss. Brachioplasty and lower body lifts are usually reserved for people with massive weight loss, such as Star Jones or Newman from Seinfeld.”

    Regardless of the combination of procedures that Britney Spears ultimately has, one thing’s for sure. Plastic surgery will not cure her deep-seated psychological problems that can only be healed by doing some deep soul searching, growing up, airing out her dirty laundry with a shrink, and bringing down her lifestyle to reality so she can be a stable mother for her two children. We also think her career and come back efforts should be put on the back burner while she focuses on herself and her babies.


    No joke, we wish Ms. Spears the best of luck!

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