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  • Britney Spears, CrotchIn the latest twist on Britney Spears, rumors are now circulating that Britney Spears had a liposuction called Lipodissolve in Las Vegas Recently. Apparently, Lipodissolve is a trade name for a procedure called mesotherapy. The Sun, which made the allegations, says that Britney Spears visited a liposuction specialist called the Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center in a bid to melt away some of the fat that has accumulated on her stomach due to her having two children. Her rockstar alcohol-fueled lifestyle of all-night clubbing of the last year has also caused Britney to pack on the pounds and stay away from the gym.

    According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, a frequent contributor on Make Me Heal and member of the Celebrity Plastic Surgery News Team:

    “Lipodissolve is a trade name for a type of mesotherapy. This is a controversial technique pioneered in Europe some 50 years ago which claims to reduce fat and improve cellulite through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of injections with small needles. Non-invasive it is not. To my knowledge, although the technique has been around for a long time, there are no large scale scientific studies which have proven that it actually works. The procedure is also not FDA approved.”

    “There are a couple physicians who perform mesotherapy in my area, although none of them are board-certified plastic surgeons. The one who does the most is an ER physician who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. In my practice I have seen probably ten patients who’ve had mesotherapy prior to seeing me, and all but one saw no improvement after over $1000 of treatment and were therefore consulting for liposuction. One patient, a male, did appear to have improvement in the fat below his neck, however. Hopefully Britney will be one of those in whom it actually works…”

    Britney Spears has been the target of rumors about having plastic surgery and was previously offered a free tummy tuck by a New York plastic surgeon who felt that the former abdomen-fabulous star has gotten a bit paunchy in the stomach (Read the complete story on the Free Britney Spears Tummy Tuck).

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