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  • MTV helped Britney Spears redeem her perfect pop-star image by allowing Britney to return to this year’s Video Music Awards ceremony as the opening presenter. Britney’s appearance at this year’s VMA’s was a far cry from last year’s performance debacle where the out of shape star sleepwalked her way through her song. Make Me Heal investigates if plastic surgery had anything to do with Britney Spears’ comeback.

    Britney Spears, Plastic Surgery

    Britney appeared to be in better shape than she has been in since her heyday as a pop princess. Wearing a shimmering silver dress and matching stilettos, the popstar looks like she’s gotten her sparkle back, not to mention her signature smile. Aiding Britney’s smile may have been the cosmetic dental work as well as lip augmentations she’s had in the past. A shiny lip-gloss also made Britney’s lips appear extra luscious. See Make Me Heal’s story on Britney Spear’s lip injections).

    Keeping her speeches short was a contrast to Britney’s long locks, courtesy of the nicest hair extensions she’s worn in a while. But extensions are just the icing on the cake of plastic surgery Britney has had in the course of her career. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Britney Spears’ Plastic Surgery).

    Britney first had a nose job to help reduce the bulbous appearance of her nose and give it a smaller bridge with a more delicate tip. She has also had breast implants of varying size in and out over the years, which have been the subject of many fans wondering about the frequent fluctuation of her breast size in years past.

    To help her maintain her signature tightly toned body, Britney has had various forms of liposuction over the years including Mesotherapy, a procedure that is popular in Europe that is aimed at reducing fat and improving the appearance of cellulite through a series of injections with micro needles. Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia has also speculated that Britney has likely had other forms of liposuction, including LipoDissolve and the more invasive traditional liposuction.

    Also helping Britney look better at this year’s VMA’s was the fact that her slinky dress covered her abdominal region, which last year revealed a “mommy tummy” complete with love handles.

    Most likely, to get ready for her appearance at the VMA’s this year, Britney worked out rather than had any extensive plastic surgery.

    Although she won several Moon men awards at last night’s ceremony, Britney still has a lot of work to do before she wins her body back to kissing Madonna shape.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Britney Spears on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.