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  • Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet has never admitted to plastic surgery. But maybe she doesn’t need to. In a new interview, the stunning mother of four says that the secret to good plastic surgery is not knowing if a woman has been under the knife or not.

    Brooke Burke-Charvet most likely has undergone breast implants and nose surgery, but the frequently bikini clad television host has never said why her nose is so small and symmetrical or how her breasts manage to look so full and pert even after four kids and many years of exercise. We just assume that she has spent time under the knife, when she isn’t hosting Dancing with the Stars or engaging in her other lifestyle projects.

    According to Brooke, the best plastic surgery is actually undetectable.

    “If a woman has done a bit of work, you should never know,” the TV personality tells New You in its spring issue.

    “Women who do too much scare me. I’m glad it scares me. I was married to a plastic surgeon, so I’ve seen it all.”

    Before marrying former Baywatch star David Charvet, Brooke was married to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, one of the original plastic surgeons on ABC’s Extreme Makeover.

    These days, at 42, Brooke says she is feeling better than she did even in her 30s, despite starting out the decade battling thyroid cancer.

    “[My] 40s started out a little bit rough because there have been some life issues, but physically I feel better today than I did in my 30s,” says the Dancing with the Stars cohost.

    “I know myself better. I have boundaries, a louder voice and I know myself as a woman,” she says. “I know my body better, how to dress my body and I have a better sense of style. I am also more experienced. I feel more accomplished because I have a family and I’m very lucky to be in a loving marriage with a man that I’m in love with and he’s in love with me and that’s like amazing, so in that I find beauty.”

    Brooke seems to be older and wiser, which she attributes to having after going through some mistakes in her younger days and making bad decisions when it came to getting married.

    “I regret having a marriage that didn’t work, because divorce is ‘forever’ for children,” she says. “I regret that my two oldest daughters have to grow up knowing that sometimes a family falls apart. That’s my heartbreaking life lesson. But I’m happy that they can see love now.”

    Nowadays, Brooke looks fantastic and healthy and happy. The orange dress she wears for the magazine’s photo shoot has a very revealing neckline and could be showcasing Brooke’s possible plastic surgery. If Brooke does have breast implants, they are a good size for her frame. They are high and round, but don’t stand out too much or give too much cleavage so that they have an obvious appearance. Seems like Brooke’s advice on plastic surgery could be coming from personal experience.