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  • Despite the fact that reality star Bruce Jenner has become better known for his botched attempts at plastic surgery than his prowess as world class athlete, it seems that the soon to be divorced dad was planning to go under the knife at least one last time, according to the celebrity gossip experts at TMZ. While Bruce has already had two facelifts, apparently he was apparently he was planning on having some neck work done, specifically a procedure to have down his Adam’s apple.

    Bruce’s appearance has become significantly more feminine over the years, with each facelift making him appear to be a little softer. Since splitting from his wife, Kris Jenner, Bruce has also started to grow out his hair and sport a ponytail. While long hair used to be commonly associated with women, it is no longer the case, however Star magazine has said that often the first step in transgender plastic surgery is to shave down the Adam’s apple and even featured Bruce on the cover with strong insinuations that Bruce has already begun to live life as a female. Bruce tells TMZ that he has no plans to change his sex, he simply isn’t a fan of his neck, telling TMZ, “I just never liked my trachea.”

    Despite Bruce’s protestations to the contrary, he is said to have met with a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for a consultation on the procedure and is said to be scheduled to go under the knife sometime in the next year.

    However, since news of his meeting with a plastic surgeon leaked to the press, Bruce is said to be putting off the procedures indefinitely. While rumors persist that Bruce is considering gender reassignment surgery and that is the real reason for his split from Kris Jenner, Bruce continues to say that he just doesn’t like his trachea. Apparently Bruce consulted with a plastic surgeon not only for a Laryngeal Shave (Adam’s Apple flattening), but for a nose job as well.

    TMZ reports that after the news of his plastic surgery consultation leaked, Bruce spoke with his family to tell that his plastic surgery is now off and he is currently shopping around for a new plastic surgeon to perform the procedures.

    While Bruce continues to deny that he is interested in flattening his Adam’s Apple in order to become a woman, at least one celebrity isn’t buying it.

    On his way to a “What the Funny” event, Marlon Wayons took time out to tell TMZ, “Why don’t Bruce Jenner just go and get the titties now … just get the breasts.”


    According to the comedian, if Bruce continues to go under the knife, “He’s gonna look like me in ‘White Chicks.’”


    While eliminating the Adam’s Apple may be the first surgical step in gender reassignment surgery, usually before anything drastic takes place the patient must live as the opposite sex. Thus far, Bruce has yet to step out in dresses, makeup or wigs or any of the traditional female accoutrements.