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  • Bryan Singer is a director best known for his superhero films. But looking at him, it looks as though Bryan is a big fan of looking perfect himself and has had a few too many trips to the plastic surgeon in recent years. Now, in the midst of a major controversy, the director looks to be taking things in stride, thanks to plenty of plastic surgery to smooth out any worry lines.

    48-year Bryan Singer was recently accused of drugging and raping a teenage boy some years back. The man in question, Michael Egan III, said that he reported the crime at the time but that charges were never pursued and he doesn’t know why.

    According to Egan, the crimes took place over a number of years a the hands of Bryan and his friends at the elaborate parties that Bryan is known for having. Apparently the illegal activities took place in both Los Angeles and Hawaii over a number of years beginning when Egan was just 15.


    Now, Bryan is claiming innocence and saying that he was not in Hawaii at the time the crimes allegedly took place and has proof that he was on location in Toronto, filming the first installment of the X-Men series.


    Apparently Bryan has bills and credit card statements to help prove his innocence, at least of this allegation.


    In the meantime, Bryan probably also has credit card statements that indicate his love of plastic surgery.


    Despite being middle aged, Bryan closely resembles someone closer in age to the young men he likes to party with. Over the years, Bryan looks to have developed a love of Botox, as well as comic book heroes.


    Through the years, Bryan has actually lost worry lines, probably due to getting regular Botox injections in his forehead and between his brows. He looks to wax his eyebrows, but he may also use Botox to help elevate his eyelids.


    In addition, Bryan looks to get fillers placed. Using fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse, Bryan has boyishly full big cheeks. He may also use fillers like Restylane or Juvederm in his lips as from time to time his lips look larger than usual and his lip line can be very pronounced.


    For someone known to throw elaborate pool parties, Brian doesn’t look to spend a lot of time in the sun as he shows few signs of aging or skin damage. Brian may use plenty of sunscreen and some kind of spray tan to get a tan look without the damage. He may also use laser treatments and chemical peels to reverse some of the signs of aging that the harsh rays of the sun can cause, especially in sunny locations like Los Angeles and Hawaii.


    According to the victim, Egan, he doesn’t know why the allegations didn’t come to light sooner, but, “I hope to help a lot of other people,” Egan said. “No one at a young age ever deserves to go through the horrific junk I went through as a kid.”