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  • Cameron Diaz recently had a nose job that she says was performed to repair a deviated septum and alleviate breathing problems that she’s been having in light of having broken her nose four times. Looking closely at Diaz’s new look, though, it appears the nose job that she had done was not only for medical reasons as the procedure also imparted some cosmetic benefits.

    Cameron Diaz, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

    Photos of the star at the Oscars versus pre-operative photos show a straighter bridge than her older more crooked nose whose bridge was twisted towards the right at the top area of her nose. Diaz wisely did not have her nose made to look to perfect and asymmetrical as part of her charm lies in her not being a classic beauty with perfect features. Diaz’s nose is still not perfectly straight, which keeps her looking like her old self that we all love.

    Asked if the nose job was to repair the septum or also to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the nose, plastic surgeon Anthony Youn confirmed that Diaz’s nose job achieved both objectives. “It looks like a combination of both. A septum repair (straightening) can create a straighter nose, which it has for her. Although the main purpose is to restore breathing, it can improve a crooked nose.” Considering recent events, particularly, her very public breakup from Justin Timberlake, it certainly would not be unusual for this rhinoplasty to have been performed with aesthetic reasons in mind as Cameron’s new face is symbolic of her newly single life.

    Diaz has broken her nose four times and last year told W Magazine “I’m getting it fixed. I can’t take it. I cannot breathe at all.” Incidentally, Diaz’s rhinoplasty was performed by Dr. Raj Kanodia, the same plastic surgeon responsible for both Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Aniston’s new noses (read about Aniston’s nose job).

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