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  • As more and more celebrities buck trends of privacy and begin sharing more and more of their personal lives with fans, fans get to see things that were previously unheard of in stardom: stars without makeup. As more and more celebrities are beginning to post photos on social media of what they look like before their glam squads take over, fans get to see what celebrities look like before the magic happens. The latest celebrity to join the trend is Cameron Diaz, who usually looks glammed up to the nines, even if she does have a reputation of being something of a tomboy.

    In the makeup free photo,  41-year old Cameron poses proudly with her upcoming book, The Body Book, due out December 31, just in time for new year’s resolutions to start kicking in. According to UsWeekly, the actress is known for her holistic approach to health and the book reportedly includes Cameron’s “formula for becoming happier, healthier and stronger.”

    While Cameron is famous for her long lean limbs that can occasionally be mistaken for Madonna’s muscular physique, she is often rumored to have had copious amounts of plastic surgery, despite her reputation for eating only natural foods. “I try to eat really clean,” she told Us. “I eat a lot of protein, whether it’s fish, chicken, or beef, or egg whites, and then brown rice or quinoa, and oatmeal and a whole grain like that, and lots of greens.”


    Although Cameron’s photo share of her book makes the actress look younger and healthier than ever, in the past she has had her fair share of plastic surgery rumors, stemming from paparazzi photos that leave the pretty blonde looking like less than her best.

    Despite eating well, Cameron may struggle with adult acne and oily skin, but her smooth and shiny forehead is commonly attributed to overdone Botox injections. Without makeup, Cameron’s forehead has the faintest of fine lines, indicating that she probably uses sun protection so that there are no deep wrinkles, but she probably doesn’t get Botox injections on a regular basis.

    And although Cameron has openly admitted to having a nose job, her nose doesn’t have the completely perfect appearance of a traditional Hollywood nose job. Cameron has said that she has had 3 nose jobs in the past as a result of being unlucky enough to have broken her nose on 3 different occasions.

    In addition to nose jobs, Cameron is rumored to have had fillers placed, but her lasonabial folds seem to indicate that she isn’t currently using fillers. If Cameron did decide to use a little plastic surgery, chemical peels or laser treatments could probably help get rid of some of the faint freckling and skin damage, but other than that Cameron looks to be in great shape and eating well and exercising is clearly working for her.

    According to Cameron, “LADIES!! I wrote this book for YOU and YOUR BODY.. And I’m so excited to share it with you!!”