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  • Kim Kardashian may deny going under the knife, but apparently she isn’t convincing fans. RadarOnline reports that fans of Kim’s have launched a veritable campaign to get Kim Kardashian to stop having plastic surgery and return to her natural beauty.

    Right now there seems to be a lot of backlash against the Kardashians, with people complaining that the media has become oversaturated with news of the reality family. But once upon a time the family’s fame was at an all time high and people couldn’t get enough of seeing Kim’s latest look. Now, the first family of reality television seems to have a few too many scandals under their belt and definitely too much plastic surgery.

    However there may be one way Kim can once again capture the adoration of the public: by laying off the cosmetic surgery.


    Kim may be bringing some of the criticism about her looks upon herself by continuing to post throwback photos. Recently, Kim did a #FBF, or Flashback Friday, post on Instagram showcasing her appearances on The Tonight Show through the past several years, from the early days of her fame through her last marriage, recent pregnancy and recent blonde hair transformation (which has since returned to her more natural brunette). Laid out in a timeline, the photos made the changes in Kim’s appearance all the more obvious and Internet users didn’t hesitate to comment and give their negative opinions of the future Mrs. West.


    RadarOnline says the comments included:


    “shouldn’t have gotten plastic surgery” – @lexsa23

    “Your face has changed so much.” – @sarapdiamond


    “You were so pretty in the first 4! don’t get plastic surgery. now your’e just not as pretty.” – @jazlynxcook

    “Wow look how much your face has changed.” – @erika_medina11

    “Lol bottom left looks like Botox overload. #sorry” – @katiaalvarez_


    Kim has admitted to trying Botox injections in the past, but says she stopped after having a negative reaction. Other than the stint with Botox and the occasional vampire facial, Kim has denied all claims of plastic surgery.


    Recent rumors swirling around Kim seem to focus on the star having had a nose job because it looks to have become thinner, while her cheeks have become fuller and her skin even smoother. While weight could explain Kim’s full face, only a nose job could make it smaller.


    In the past, Kim has said that she is self-conscious about her nose, but she has also said that she has never had any work done on it. Still, Kim definitely has a more narrow nose than she used to, and more photos and more angles continue to reveal a difference.


    In addition to nose jobs rumors, Kim most recently but the kibosh on rumors that she has gotten plastic surgery buttocks augmentation after photos of her famously large derriere seemed to indicate that it has gotten even larger (and lumpier) recently.


    “I’m seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Get a life!” Kim wrote on Twitter. “Using pics of me 15lbs skinnier (before I had my baby) comparing to me now! I still have weight to lose. Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight(especially the last bit of weight) & your body totally changes!”