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  • The Smurfs.  Avatar.  Blue Man Group.  The idea of blue skin seems exotic or like something out of a legend or a children’s cartoon.

    But did you know that there are real life humans that suffer from blue skin?

    A rural Appalachian family in Kentucky actually started turning blue because of a rare medical condition known as Argyria.  The Kentucky family, the Fugates, can trace their blue-skinned heritage back to a single French immigrant, Martin Fugate, who married a red-haired, freckled American woman named Elizabeth Smith.  The pairing of the two formed a unique genetic mutation that resulted in four of their seven children having blue skin.  And because the family lived in such an isolated area with a limited gene pool, the Fugate children ended up giving birth to even more blue-skinned babies.

    Argyria is a condition caused by unhealthy exposure to chemical forms of the element of silver or silver dust.  The most obvious and dramatic symptom is that the skin takes on a blue to bluish-gray tint.

    Argyria is described as a “cosmetic” condition, which means it is not physically harmful.  Yet while this blue-skinned condition may not be dangerous, it can be unsightly and embarrassing.   Blue skin, after all, stands out and may have resulted in unwanted attention and staring.

    Fortunately for the Fugate descendants, there are ways to correct their blue skin so they don’t stand out from the crowd too much.

    Laser therapy treatment has been proven to help lighten blue or otherwise hyperpigmented skin.  At the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Howlin successfully treated one such blue-skinned patient.  One single session of laser treatment per body area accompanied with anesthesia immediately corrected the pigmentation.  However, the laser treatment caused considerable post-surgery swelling to the patient.  To avoid the after-surgery pain, Dr. Howlin’s patient should have considered using Dermaheal Post-Laser Cream to help decrease discomfort and help aid in the skin’s recovery process.  Dermaheal Post-Laser Cream is ideal directly after laser surgical procedures.

    Of course, laser therapy treatment isn’t only for blue-skinned people.  Anybody who suffers from hyperpigmentation or unsightly dark spots may wish to seek laser treatment.  Laser skin resurfacing works by using beams of light to send short-wave, concentrated pulses of light at irregular or discolored skin.  This removes unwanted or damaged skin in a very precise and targeted manner.

    Hereditary argyria, however, isn’t the only disease that causes blue skin.

    One California man, Paul Karason, ended up with blue skin after using a silver-based home remedy to help treat a skin condition and drinking colloidal silver.  The colloidal silver left Karason a dark shade of blue that made people tease him as “Papa Smurf.”  As a result, Karason became a recluse without a job or a social life.

    “People are reluctant to hire blue people, or people that are noticeably different,” he explained.

    Rather than suffer from the blues as a hermit, Karason could have considered using ScarGuard Scarlight MD (ScarGuard Lightener) – 30 ML to help lighten up his unique facial skin tone.  ScarGuard Lightener contains the clinically-proven compound of hydroquinone which works by reducing the amount of visible melanin in the skin.  By brushing only a small amount of the cream, twice daily, over his skin, Karason could immediately start looking a lot less blue.  ScarGuard ScarLight also works to effectively lighten dark spots, brown scars and other skin discolorations and is much less expensive than laser surgery.

    You don’t need to have blue skin to suffer the hyperpigmentation or dark-spot blues.  Fortunately,  whether by the advances of laser skin resurfacing or simply using a skin-bleaching cream, there are proven, safe and effective ways at getting your skin to the texture and color that you desire.