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  • British glamour model Casey Batchelor had promised that she was planning to undergo a breast reduction procedure. Although she built her career and fame off her buxom figure, Casey hoped to “change men’s perception” by reducing the size of her bust. At a recent event, Casey showed off her newly reduced chest and talked about her recent plastic surgery.

    Sporting a snug fitting crop top that showed no cleavage and a matching high-waisted skirt, 29-year old showed off her figure sporting minimal makeup and talking with OK! Magazine about going under the knife at a recent Jeans for Genes event.

    Talking with the online version of OK! Casey said that she hoped having a breast reduction procedure would actually improve her love life, because “Hopefully it will change men’s perception of me.”


    Casey also revealed that there would be a few other changes to make after having the procedure done by Dr Jan Staneck, but none that were too drastic. When asked if Casey would be making any wardrobe changes, Casey said that she had gotten rid of her vast array of bras in her former size, but that her clothing still fit because she prefers to wear tight things.


    “I’ll have to throw all my bras away but I’m hoping to give them to charity. I counted them the other day and I have 60 bras. Clothes wise I’ve always worn tight clothes so there won’t be a drastic change.”


    Despite her happiness with her look and reportedly “gushing” about how “liberating” her new breasts are, Casey admitted that her plastic surgery recovery was difficult, thanks to bandages and medications.


    “I had full on tape dressing wrapped around me for a week and I couldn’t get wet. That was difficult and I was on antibiotics so I was a bit out of it.”


    At the event, Casey looked great and still had plenty of curves after the operation. Prior to the procedure, Casey had revealed that she was hoping that her FF to GG bra size would get down to a still ample EE. It seems that her hopes came true as although Casey isn’t revealing any cleavage yet, her bust was still full looking in her clinging crop top.


    In a column that she wrote for the Daily Star in which she had initially revealed her plans to go under the knife, Casey admitted that although her breasts were a big help to her career, she still had insecurities about them.


    “You might say I’m a model and use my boobs for my work, which is true, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t be insecure about them and being surrounded by girls who have perfectly-formed smaller breasts or girls implants so their chests sit there all perky, made me even more insecure.”


    Casey said that her insecurities stemmed from childhood, when she developed much more and much sooner than her classmates.


    The former Big Brother Celebrity contestant hoped to feel better about her breasts and to help fend off some of the “nasty” comments she received from male admirers after her procedure. Here’s hoping her wishes came true.