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  • Glamour model and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Casey Batchelor has undergone a breast reduction and now she says she is looking for love.   Casey had a breast reduction back in August to take her famously large breasts from a 32GG sized bra to a 32EE sized bra.

    Needless to say, she still has ample cleavage.   Plastic surgeon Jan Stanek performed the surgery and Casey gushed about his skills as she described the procedure of removing her breast tissue and rearranging her nipples in an interview with Ok magazine.   “Jan did an amazing job. It’s not just a case of taking out the excessive tissue from the breast. Both my nipples needed to be cut out and realigned so that they were in the right place in my new breasts.   “I have lost a little bit of sensitivity in my nipples and both nipples are a little smaller, but I think they look far better. I have been told there is no guarantee that I will be able to breast feed if I have child. But that is a small price to pay for having such a fantastic new figure.”
    Casey Batchelor opened up about her breast reduction [Forza Supplements]

    Casey says she is now much more confident in a bikini and looking forward to going strapless.   “Before the operation my boobs were so heavy that I would get sores in my neck when I wore a bikini because there was so much pressure on the straps. “Now I can wear strapless bikinis and enjoy myself so much more on the beach. I no longer have to worry about my boobs wibbling and wobbling all over the place.”

    Bikinis aren’t the only item of clothing that Casey can now wear strapless. At the recent London premiere for Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb, Casey sported a flowing strapless dress that showed the model still has plenty of cleavage. Cleavage she intends to keep under wraps until she meets the right guy.   “No man has yet to see my new boobs. I hope the first man who does get to see them will be the last.”   “I am ready to settle down and hope to meet someone special before the end of the year. I’m over the incubation period for my new breasts when I needed to rest and not exercise. Now I am ready for some action!”   Despite being unable to exercise during her breast reduction plastic surgery period, Casey says she still managed to lose weight with dietary supplements.

    Casey is currently a spokesperson for Forza Supplements and says that Forza Supplements’ Raspberry K2 helped curb her appetite.   “They took the edge off my appetite just as I was reaching for the cookie jar and also sped up my metabolism.”   Casey seems to have nothing but happiness with her new body, telling the Daily Star, “I feel lighter and more in proportion with my body.”   Now it seems that her breasts are more proportionate, Casey is looking for love.   “Hopefully I’ll find one to christen them soon – and I’m hoping he’ll be the last man to see them.”   “I turned 30 last month so I really want to meet someone and settle down. And I want my new guy to be the only man who will ever see my new boobs.”