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  • A look at John Travolta, Jack Black & Harrison Ford’s Expanding Chests

    Hollywood stars have a tendency to search for physical perfection in their appearance but there is a trend of late for male celebrities to embrace what nature has given them. ‘Man boobs’ seen on actors such as John Travolta, Jack Black and even “Indiana Jones” star, Harrison Ford, seem to be somewhat of an epidemic in Hollywood. Jack Black, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, man boobs

    In medical circles, man boobs are a medical condition known as gynecomastia, which is the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males and can result in breast enlargement. This condition is generally the result of a hormonal imbalance, or the side effect of certain medications, obesity, and old age. For many men, the combination of natural weight gain and the aging process will lead them to develop gynecomastia at some point in their lives as in the cases of Ford and Travolta. While gynecomastia is not a serious physical threat to health, it can lead to increased self conciousness for the person.

    This however does not seem to be the case for funny man Jack Black who has stated, “If my boobs were on a girl, guys would be going mad for them…but they are all mine, and that means I can enjoy them anytime I want. I don’t need a woman for my squeezing needs anymore!”

    John Travolta, Man Boobs, Plastic SurgeryWhile we are not exactly sure how superstar John Travolta feels about his ‘man boobs’, one can’t help but think that he must be rather comfortable with them too, judging from how he appears in this photograph taken during a snack break in a skinny-dipping scene in his upcoming flick, “Wild Hogs.” Similarly, this photo taken of “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” hunk, Harrison Ford, presents the actor as completely confident with his (wo)manhood as he strolls with girlfriend Calista Flockhart. This recent trend in embracing natural changes in physical appearance is somewhat refreshing in Hollywood which is notorious for its obsession with physical perfection.

    For those men, however, who are not as comfortable as our favorite celebs with their developing breasts, there are solutions. One major solution may be to examine any prescription medication being taken to determine if it is causing gynecomastia as a possible side effect. Other possibilities include surgical treatment for the condition such as liposuction or breast reduction. Following these procedures, it is recommended that patients wear a Male Compression Vest in order to improve circulation, minimize swelling and accelerate the healing process. These compression vests also serve as slimming devices for those patients not interested in surgical procedures to solve gynecomastia as they comfortably slenderize the chest.

    Extreme cases of gynecomastia resemble the example shown in the photo where significant breast enlargement is seen. Obviously the cases of John Travolta, Jack Black and Harrison Ford pale in comparison to this example. For an extreme case like the one shown in the photo, surgical treatment is likely recommended especially if the patient is uncomfortable with the size of his breasts. However, in the cases of our favorite celebrities, surgical reduction of their ‘man boobs’ would seem somewhat ridiculous. Simple weight loss would likely reduce their size and if not, it is just another reason for us to remember that actors are people too, ‘man boobs’ or not.

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