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  • From the red carpet to the real world, celebrities like Rooney Mara, Charlize Theron and Lea Michele have to have camera-ready skin at all times. If you’ve wondered how these celebrities and others manage to be flawless at all times, take a look at the skincare brands Makemeheal.com has discovered as celebrity favorites.


    SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream is the secret behind Oscar nominated actress Rooney Mara’s red carpet glow. The brand is endorsed by fellow actress Oscar win Cate Blanchett, who relies on the SK-II brand to help her skin recover from the heavy makeup required by her period roles.

    Check out the entire line of SK-II products.  Go to the SK II Skincare Shop.

    La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay sunscreen go on smoothly and easily to prevent fine lines and sunspots from creeping up. The carefully crafted formulas are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and celebrity fans like Charlize Theron and Leighton Meester rely on the brand to keep them forever young.

    Check out the entire line of La Roche-Posay products.  Go to the La Roche-Posay Skincare Shop.

    Dr. Hauschka


    Dr. Hauschka is the reason for Glee star Lea Michele’s rosy glow. The singing sensation uses Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil to soothe and hydrate her skin.

    Check out the entire line of Dr. Hauschka products.  Go to the Dr. Haushka Skincare Shop.


    Shiseido has found such a big fan in actress Jennifer Connelly that she has endorsed various product lines by the brand over the years.

    Check out the entire line of Shiseido products.  Go to the Shiseido Skincare Shop.


    ColoreScience is a natural mineral line that has found a celebrity fan in nature and outdoor lover Cameron Diaz. Known for her rock hard body, the result of outdoor playtime, Cameron relies on ColoreScience to protect her body from the harsh rays of the sun.

    Check out the entire line of ColoreScience products.  Go to the ColoreScience Skincare Shop.


    Fresh is the reason actress Blake Lively looks so, well, fresh. The product line helps celebrities to maintain their glow, on and off the red carpet.

    Check out the entire line of Fresh products.  Go to the Fresh Skincare Shop.

    Tracie Martyn

    Tracie Martyn is a line from the celebrity skincare guru of the same name. She created the line to allow stars like Cyndi Lauper to look their best, even when they don’t have time for a facial appointment. Products like the Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant work to eliminate both wrinkles and enlarged pores.

    Check out the entire line of Tracie Martyn products.  Go to the Tracie Martyn Skincare Shop.

    June Jacobs

    June Jacobs is a favorite with celebrities like Sophia Bush. The easy to use products come in travel sizes, perfect for getting glam on the go.

    Check out the entire line of June Jacobs products.  Go to the June Jacobs Skincare Shop.


    Elemis celebrity fans include the always-stylish Victoria Beckham, who frequently suffers breakouts and stress-related skin issues thanks to her hectic schedule of sports wife and fashion designer. The luxurious ingredients found in Elemis products help skin to become more radiant.

    Check out the entire line of Elemis products.  Go to the Elemis Skincare Shop.


    StriVectin products promise the latest in anti-aging skincare technology, so it’s no wonder that trend setter Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan. The star is always wearing the latest fashion trend, and apparently has the same outlook on new skincare products.

    Check out the entire line of StriVectin products.  Go to the StriVectin Skincare Shop.