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  • After years of waxed, over plucked and thin eyebrows, full natural brows are making a comeback in a big way. Models like Cara Delevinge and actresses like Lily Collins and Camilla Belle are showing that big brows make a big statement. Even reality star Kim Kardashian is known for sporting full brows, even as she goes high fashion under husband Kanye West’s influence. And while you can fill in your brows with cosmetics, some ladies are opting for the lush look by undergoing eyebrow implant plastic surgery procedures, according to Bustle.

    While thin brows that are plucked and tweezed are said to “open the face,” full brows that are straighter and bushier are associated with youth. Which may be why stars like Jennifer Connelly look perennially young. It may seem that the solution to waxing and plucking is to simply let the hairs grow back, but it’s not always that easy. Waxing and plucking can cause damage to the root of the hairs, so it will never grow back or may grow back patchy.

    Technically known as follicular unit extraction, eyebrow implant procedures are performed in much the same way as modern hair transplants. A surgeon uses hairs from elsewhere on your body, including the scalp, legs and arms, and surgically moves them from that location to the brows. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 units are taken out and transported to their new home during a procedure that takes anywhere from two to three hours per session.


    After the procedure, your brows require around two weeks to heal. During this time, you will experience some pain as well as scabbing before the hair growing process starts, including having the hairs fall out before they regrow. You will also have to trim your new hairs a la Kim Kardashian’s perfectly groomed brows as part of routine maintenance.


    The procedure is fairly quick and easy for plastic surgery and minimally invasive but it can set you back anywhere from $2,000- $6,000. It seems a little extreme considering brow trends change every decade or so and you may be back to waxing and plucking before you know it—possibly undoing the procedure by causing new damage to the roots. Then again, full brows are more commonly seen on young kids, so you may decide to keep your implants.


    Before you rush out to get in on the new plastic surgery trend, you may want to experiment with how well you will look with a fuller brow to frame your face. Brow kits can help you get started with different shapes that you can fill in with brow pencil. You can also try using a pencil to fill in any bare spots or to make your brows appear fuller and thicker, at least temporarily.


    Keep in mind that while many stars have full, dark brows there is some maintenance required. No one looks good with a unibrow, so be sure to continue to pluck stray hairs that grow between the brows as well as any hairs that fall outside of your desired hairline.