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  • Chanel West Coast isn’t exactly the most famous female rapper around. But her stunning good looks have certainly helped boost her popularity, along with plastic surgery and her appearances on MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

    25-year old Chanel West Coast was born Chelsea Dudley. Although she is a rapper, she is probably better known for her other achievements, including starring in Rob Dyrdek’s various projects for the MTV station as well as modeling and making various appearances.

    While she is probably a talented young woman, it doesn’t hurt that she is also easy on the eyes. Given Chanel’s full bust, it seems likely that she has gotten breast implants at some point in the last five years. Her bust size looks very full and large for her frame, which may indicate a breast augmentation. Furthermore, according to some unconfirmed Internet sources, Chanel has admitted to getting breast implants in the past, which may explain why she is so comfortable showing off her investment.


    Other than a breast augmentation, Chanel looks to be fairly natural, although she clearly colors her blonde hair and may also use hair extensions to enhance her own hair to make it appear fuller and thicker than it is.


    Chanel’s nose is wider than is typical after a nose job, so it is unlikely that she has had a rhinoplasty, although as her popularity grows, she may opt to get one as that is a common procedure for on-camera personalities.


    Although she is young, Chanel is at an age when many upcoming starlets opt for lip augmentation. While Chanel does have full lips, she is probably just naturally possessed of a perfect pout as her lip line is not overly defined and her lips have a natural shape, unlike many starlets who overdo the lip fillers and end up with a distorted pout.


    Chanel also doesn’t look to be using laser treatments or chemical peels or Botox treatments as her skin doesn’t have an unnatural sheen like many of the starlets that overuse the injectable. If Chanel wanted to begin preventing wrinkles, she could try using some Botox injections in her forehead and between her brows before her fine lines begin to transform into deep wrinkles.


    If Chanel has had breast augmentation, she is in good company with other female rappers. Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Eve and Missy Elliott have all had breast implants at the very least—or have experienced rumors of plastic surgery. Many of these rappers have gone too far and ended up becoming better known for their plastic surgery than for their musical talents.


    Given that Chanel has remained untouched by knife or needle so far, it seems that she is safe from following in some of her fellow rappers’ footsteps and becoming overdone with plastic surgery.


    Chanel looks great and fans seem to love her take on the videos featured on Ridiculousness. Recently she has begun releasing more music as well, which is probably boosted by her television appearances.