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  • Despite being relatively young, British Glamour model Chantelle Houghton has been through a lot of transformations in her young life, going from reality star to “the new Katie Price.” It seems that Chantelle is now ready to transform once again, after losing weight and adapting a healthier lifestyle, Chantelle says she also wants to lose her breast implants.

    30-year old Chantelle Houghton was the first non celebrity to appear on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother. After her season ended the glamour model married one of her housemates, Samuel Preston of the British Indie Band Ordinary Boys. The marriage lasted less than a year and Chantelle went on to have a relationship with MMA star Alex Reid. That relationship ended as well, but Chantelle did have a daughter.

    In between marriages, high profile relationships and giving birth, Chantelle has continued to model and to appear on various reality competitions as well as sell products like hair extensions and false eyelashes. And of course, go under the knife.


    Although Chantelle first described herself as looking like Paris Hilton, she quickly became known as Katie Price look alike, after going under the knife several times. While Paris is known to use push up bras to temporarily boost her bust, Katie is known for her breast augmentation and Chantelle is too.


    Chantelle first went under the knife for breast implants that took her B-cup bust to a DD or larger size. Sometime after her breast augmentation, Chantelle revealed that she had gotten collagen injections placed in her lips, which she immediately regretted, saying that her lips were too big. At the same time, she had also gotten fillers, possibly Juvederm, placed in her cheeks and admitted that the fillers changed the shape of her face. At the time of her reveal, Chantelle had also expressed regret for getting lip augmentation and fillers and was already looking forward to having the results of the procedures wear off.


    Years, later it seems that the fillers and collagen injections have faded, as has Chantelle’s passion for plastic surgery. It seems that the procedures were a reaction to her divorce and Chantelle wanted to change herself, something she later admitted to regretting and recognized that therapy would have been a better option.


    Now that more time has passed, it seems that Chantelle has had another moment of clarity. British tabloids are reporting that Chantelle has dropped nearly 30 pounds and gone down from a size 16 to a size 10.


    In an interview with new! magazine, Chantelle says that her weight loss has made her more confident about her body, which she recently put on display in a bikini while vacationing in Spain. By making healthier choices, like eliminating alcohol and drinking green tea rather than lattes, Chantelle has lost weight and says she has more energy than before. Her hair has also returned to its natural dark brown and Chantelle says she has one more change to be making in the future.


    “What I want to do now is have the [breast] implants removed,” she tells The Sun.