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  • Chelsee Healey became notorious after suffering a wardrobe malfunction when one of her oversized breasts escaped from her costume while she was on the British reality show Strictly Come Dancing. Since then, Chelsee feels that she has suffered from having supersized breast implants and has decided to downsize.

    25-year-old Chelsee Healey appeared on the show in 2011 and was reportedly mortified when her G-cup chest was accidentally exposed from her sexy costume.

    “I’ll never forget the night I fell out of my dress on live TV. I was mortified. I watched the footage back again and again and I was just gutted. I knew I had to get rid of them,” the former Waterloo Road star told the Daily Mirror.

    Chelsee apparently had breast augmentation done years ago when she was “young and stupid” enough to want DD cups at the tender age of 18.

    After being hurt by comments caused by her wardrobe malfunction, Chelsee opted to downsize her implants, replacing them with a more functional, but still large, size.

    My breasts were weighing me down, physically and mentally. I was so unhappy,” she says. “I can’t tell you what a relief it is. They were like two big balloons. I was totally out of proportion and self-conscious which made me a target for bullies.

    “I’m embarrassed that I ever had them so big in the first place but I was young and stupid and I just wanted big boobs.

    “I thought they were going to make me beautiful but they only made me miserable.

    “It has been really tough but now I can see that my idea of perfection looked ridiculous. Now I’ve learned to be my own kind of beautiful and that feels amazing.”

    Although Chelsee had DD cups placed, they eventually reached a size G due to the fact that she was still growing and developing, eventually becoming ridiculously obvious and oversized on her small frame.

    For her second round, Chelsee wanted to make sure that her new breasts would fit her small frame.

    She explains, “I got it wrong once, so I wanted to make sure this time it’s right,” she says.


    Frequently, women who have super large breast implants placed eventually have them removed and replaced with a smaller size so that the breasts don’t stretch out too much and begin to sag.

    As for plastic surgery recovery, Chelsee wasn’t worried about the pain, just happy to be downsizing.

    “I wasn’t too worried about the pain, to be honest. I’m a tough cookie.

    “I knew straight away that I’d made the right decision. Even with the swelling, when I looked down they looked so much smaller. It was a huge relief. I had tears in my eyes.”

    Chelsee is also hoping that her newly reduced breasts help to boost her career. She feels that being so busty may have held her back from the soap role of her dreams.

    “I hope people will now take me a bit more s­eriously and see me for me, not just a big pair of boobs. I’ve never had a long-term relationship and I have only been in love once – and I think perhaps that’s because of my low self-esteem, too.”