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  • Now that Prince William has married Kate Middleton, the eyes of the world have turned to Prince Harry and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

    25-year old Chelsy Davy has drawn some criticism from royal fans that feel that Chelsy is not royal-looking enough to marry the spare to the throne. Makemeheal.com thinks that some plastic surgery and a little Latisse and derma roller could help change that.

    Chelsy often looks orange from too much self-tanner and could either go natural or use a product that builds a more natural looking tan.  To help define her face, she could use a minor nose job and some under the chin liposuction as well.

    She also often looks older than her 25 years and could use a blepharoplasty on both her upper and lower eyelids to help reduce the puffy bags and sags. As Chelsy seems prone to premature wrinkles, a little Botox in the forehead might also help.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “To enhance her look, Chelsy Davy should first of all tone down the self tanner.  To give her face better definition she could narrow the tip of her nose with a Rhinoplasty and have liposuction to her lower face area creating a more sculpted and sophisticated look.  An upper and lower blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery could really rejuvenate her face and combined with some Botox to her forehead could give her a more youthful appearance.”

    Makemeheal.com looks forward to seeing whether or not Chelsy and Harry march down the aisle, with or without plastic surgery.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of the Chelsy Davy on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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