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  • CoCo spends a lot of time taking care of her appearance and now she says that her famously enormous backside has gotten even bigger.

    CoCo is selling a fitness app and says that her newly increased butt size is proof that it works. She tweeted the proof, saying:

    “My booty got bigger!My hips was a 40 now its a 42.True Fact! My waist is the same about 24.Thanks to my fitness app>”


    “After I just tweeted that my booty got bigger from using my bodybuilding techniques from my fitness app everybody wants a pic”



    Despite persistent rumors that Coco has enhanced her buttocks with some type of plastic surgery cosmetic enhancement, either with implants or fat injections, Coco has always said that her derriere is all natural. However she has admitted to plastic surgery elsewhere.


    In the past, Coco has also admitted to having breast implants but has always maintained that her famously oversized rear end is her own. It could be that Coco is somewhat telling the truth and that she was amongst the first ladies to have a Brazillian butt lift which uses the body’s own fat to plump the area in question. Maybe Coco sees that as not being surgical but still being natural and so she chooses to kind of work around the facts when asked about she has such a full derriere.


    During a radio interview, Coco was questioned about plastic surgery.


    When asked if she has ever had plastic surgery, Coco responded, “I enhanced my boobs at like 18, that’s the only thing.”


    And when asked her opinion about buttocks augmentation using implants or injections, Coco didn’t say that was all natural, but she did imply that she wasn’t a fan. She says, “I mean, I hate to be a hypocrite; you’re gonna do what you want with your body. And I believe you should go under the knife, if you really want to. But, I believe that…..like right now, we’re sitting on our booty. It’s not like you sit on your chest. Your chest is kind of out of the area, but you’re always using your legs and that part of your body.”

    “So I don’t think you should do anything with it because something might get whacked out of place. A boob can [even] get whacked out of place and I’m still careful with that so, that area, I would stay away from.”


    Coco has actually gone so far as to appear on television shows to have x-rays or ultrasounds to showcase that they are implant free on the backside. However, plastic surgeons have said that this isn’t necessarily definitive proof that they haven’t had work done back there because fat injections wouldn’t show up on an ultrasound or x-ray because it is a naturally occurring substance in the body.


    It’s nice that Coco is so proud of her body, but not everyone may want to workout only to have bigger hips.