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    After weeks of drama, it seems that the controversy surrounding the top late night show hosts is finally over, with the announcement of Conan O’Brien’s payout from NBC and Jay Leno’s return to The Tonight Show. Then there was David Letterman’s admission to having affairs with interns a few weeks ago. But Makemeheal.com wants to know how would these funny guys’ routines improve with a little plastic surgery?

    Supporters of “Team Coco,” Conan O’Brien will be happy to learn that NBC has given the 46-year old around $33 million to leave The Tonight Show, with another $12 million going to his supporting staff. Maybe the hyped-up ginger would have lasted a little longer if he took better care of his appearance and used some Botox to relax his forehead and some fillers in his cheeks to even out the hollows.

    Conan OBrien, Plastic Surgery

    Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says, “Conan O’Brien would also benefit from Botox Cosmetic around his eyes.  This will help elevate the brow and maybe hold off a upper lid belpharoplasty.  A little Botox in his forehead would also help smooth his skin.”

    If you happened to be upset when Jay Leno announced he was leaving The Tonight Show he hosted since the retirement of late night legend Johnny Carson in the early 90s, then you’ll be happy to know that the big-chinned car geek is returning to his time slot. The 59-year old year old car expert could have had a jaw reduction at some point, but then what physical attribute would his competition have to mock? In the meantime, some Botox could help get rid of some of his frown lines between the eyes.

    Jay Leno, Plastic Surgery

    buy Robaxin Dr Shafer says, “From the photo, it appears that Jay Leno would see significant improvement with Botox Cosmetic around his eye to help his crow’s feet and in her forehead to help smooth the skin.  He needs to make sure that he sees an experienced injector since he needs to maintain natural animation.”

    The sarcastic David Letterman is always the first to throw stones at other public figures infidelities, but was surprisingly sober about his own. The 62-year old host of Late Night with David Letterman is looking like he could use some hair plugs up front and maybe some Botox to get rid of the deep “11” mark between his brows. Or maybe just living a less complicated personal life would help the man notoriously in need of better dentistry to look more relaxed.

    David Letterman, Plastic Surgery

    Dr Shafer says, “Like most people, David Letterman would benefit from Botox Cosmetic around his eyes to help with his crows feet.  He also appears to have deep glabellar lines which could be improved with Botox.”

    Make Me Heal is glad that all the chaos of the past few weeks is over and looks forward to some new material from the hosts.

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