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  • The National Enquirer’s Guess Who? section frequently includes celebrity victims of plastic surgery gone wrong. The latest involves a popular movie star and a botched brow lift resulting in a permanent look of surprise.

    The Guess Who? item reads:

    What popular star of a classic 1989 teen film – he’s since turned into a successful adult actor – had an eyebow lift that has left him with a permanent look of surprise? The 40-something star (whose sister is also a famous actress) is so inconsolable about the botched surgery that he’s considering suing the reputable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed it!

    Many of the clues indicate 80s screen star John Cusack, who appeared with his famous sister Joan Cusack in many films of past and present. Other guesses from fans indicate Christian Slater or Jason Bateman. In the past, John Cusack has been noted for bags around his eyes, which may have disappeared if the rumors are true. He’s also been thought to have had nose surgery since his younger years (See Make Me Heal’s story on John Cusacks’s plastic surgery).

    So who is your guess for a botched browlift?

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