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  • One unsolved mystery in the celebrity plastic surgery world is whether or not Courteney Cox had a breast augmentation. Recent photos of “Dirt” star Courteney Cox show the actress with fuller breasts perpetuating rumors of a possible breast augmentation.

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    Courteney Cox, Breast Implants, Augmentation

    The customary weight gain excuse has been given as the reason for her fuller breasts by people close to the actress. For the record, there have always been rumors that the thin 42-year-old actress could not possibly have breasts of her size on such a skinny body frame without a cosmetic intervention. Not to mention that her breasts continue to defy gravity even after having given birth to daughter Coco.

    On the other hand, Courteney’s chest does appear to be very natural and in proportion to her body size. Therefore, if she did get a boob job, it was likely only to enhance her already naturally beautiful appearance. The plastic surgeon behind this boob job, if there is one, did such fabulous work that it is not possible to definitively say that Courteney had a breast augmentation.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn does not believe that Courteney Cox had plastic surgery, saying “As far as Courtney, some topless photos of her can be found online and she looks maybe slightly larger, but I doubt it’s by surgery.”

    While Courteney and her husband, David Arquette, do appear to have a picture-perfect marriage, they do disagree over one matter: plastic surgery. “David has a huge problem with it, but I don’t. It’s hard getting older; it’s hard not to be the young one anymore. Courteney’s accepting attitude makes the possibility of her undergoing this plastic surgery more likely. Perhaps she was inspired by fellow Friend and real life best friend Jennifer Aniston who recently had a rhinoplasty (Read more about Jennifer Aniston’s Nose Job).

    Courteney Cox said before that she believes that plastic sugery is good in moderation. “A lot of people are overdoing Botox, but I think everything in moderation is fine. If it looks natural and it makes you feel better, do it,” said Cox in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2004. Subsequently in a Marie Claire interview in 2006, Courteney repeated her stance, saying that she “believes in the judicious use of plastic surgery.”

    Courteney Cox, Lip Augmentation, Plastic SurgeryOther cosmetic surgery rumors surrounding Courteney Cox include her having lip augmentation, as evident by her fuller lips in some photos. The effect is subtle and natural, as she avoids the frequent problem of unnatural lip augmentations where surgeons overaugment the top lip and create a blow-fish look. Additionally, some people have ventured to say that she has had work done on her face because it looks somewhat different from earlier years.

    Courteney Cox has been in therapy before because of problems with her self-image and anxiety about her looks and aging. I was starting to notice some things, and I wanted to stop judging myself so much … I’m such a nurturer of others, I thought maybe it was time to start nurturing myself.” She claims that she avoids the many mirrors around her in the house. This only goes to show that self-image has nothing to do with one’s looks, as even a gorgeous, successful person can have self-doubts and lack acceptance of themselves.

    Either way, Courteney Cox is an incredible looking actress with talent to boot and any plastic surgery she had resulted in an enhancement of her natural beauty. Courteney has been sensible so far about her plastic surgery choices and should embrace getting older without falling prey to excessive surgery. The moderate course is the right one.

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    Additional reporting by Jet H. Ross.

    Photo credit: Goodplasticsurgery.com

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