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  • Courteney Cox is dating a younger man and it seems that the real life cougar can’t look young enough for her new beau. Already obsessed with Botox and plastic surgery as a way to fight signs of aging, Courteney shows no signs of easing up on the Botox any time soon.

    49-year-old “Cougar Town” star Courteney Cox has called Botox “fantastic and also horrible” in the past, looks like she may actually be increasing her efforts at looking young, now that she is dating 37-year-old Irish rocker Johnny McDaid.

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    “Since Johnny came on the scene, Courteney is even more paranoid about looking her age,” a longtime pal told The Enquirer. “She’s constantly searching for the latest treatments to keep looking young.”


    In the past, Courteney has admitted to being open to trying anything when it comes to fighting against wrinkles and signs of aging.


    The same source also revealed to The Enquirer that Courteney has gone totally overboard on the anti aging plastic surgery treatments.


    “and it’s a shame. In the past, she prided herself on having ‘stealth’ treatments and regular freshen-ups that weren’t obvious.”

    “But now Courteney has gotten rid of all the character lines that she had in her 30s. Her skin has been lasered to the point that it doesn’t even look real.”


    While Courteney may look smooth and flawless, she doesn’t look natural and she has been criticized for her puffy, wax-like appearance. Last July, on the set of her directorial film debut “Just Before I Go,” Courteney was photographed without makeup, revealing her full and puffy and duck-like lips, the results of using too many fillers.


    However, Courteney has always feared looking older and with her 50 buy Cialis super active online cheap Ventolin buy valacyclovir th birthday coming up, it seems unlikely that she will opt to give up the plastic surgery treatments that she perceives to help her with looking younger. Dating a younger man, a member of the alt rock band Snow Patrol, probably doesn’t help Courteney’s worries about getting older either, another reason she probably won’t be giving up Botox or easing up on laser treatments.


    “Courteney is slowly falling hard for Johnny, but friends worry because her face looks different every time they see her,” said the pal. “It’s great to see her back in love again, but not if she keeps giving in to her paranoia over growing older.”


    In the past Courteney has been open with the press about her insecurities about her appearance, saying, “I have issues with getting older, sure. There are huge changes in my body and my face, and I obsess over them. I just try not to have too many mirrors around.”


    This isn’t the first time that Courteney has reportedly gone overboard with using plastic surgery to look younger. On an appearance on The Ellen Show last year, Courteney admitted that she was obsessed with her hands giving away her age and was planning to not only get laser treatments to help reduce signs of aging, but also to wear fingerless gloves during the summer in order to prevent further sun damage. order metoclopramide online Strattera without prescription
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