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  • Courtney Love, Stomach, Liposuction

    Poor Courtney Love is the target of the tabloids again with a new plastic surgery rumor surrounding her mysterious massive weight loss. An ultra-skinny version of Courtney Love was seen prancing around the beaches of Hawaii recently. Insiders have attributed Love’s 44 pound weight loss achieved over a few months to liposuction or gastric bypass surgery (stomach stapling). The singer is flatly denying these rumors, insisting that her weight loss was accomplished naturally through yoga, a macrobiotic diet. Love says she also took inspiration from Oprah Winfrey’s rapid weight loss through Slim-Fast. Make Me Heal decided to take a closer look at this plastic surgery rumor and see if there is any validity to it.

    “I couldn’t get that surgery if I begged for it,” says Courtney love on her fan site MoonWashedRose.com (see the entire post below). Her publicist is also dismissing these rumors, saying “Not true. She says she never got surgery.” Despite denying this new rumor, Courtney Love did admit earlier this year to having fixed a botched nose job – her third nose job now – and to swearing off doing anymore collagen lip injections (Read about Courtney Love’s Rhinoplasty).

    Pictures of Courtney Love in two piece bathing suits have been popping up on the web in various positions, sometimes showing her abdomen lined with Tara Reid-like ripples and lumpiness on her stomach. Additionally, there is some excess, lax and loose skin on her stomach, which is normal considering her substantial weight loss. Looking close at the images, it appears that Courtney’s rapid weight loss is not due to liposuction, but rather is due to simple dieting…although Courtney has taken it to an extreme to achieve a somewhat unhealthy, rail-thin look. There are no scars to show any tell-tale signs of surgery and the lumpy, bumpy, and rippled-like effect on her stomach in some photos is likely only due to dieting, not uneven results that can happen from liposuction. In the above photo, the angle in which the singer-actress was taken in also exagerrates the contouring irregularities on her stomach. If one looks at enough photos of Courtney Love in different angles, it becomes quite obvious that cosmetic surgery is not likely to have been the behind her transformation.

    As for the claims made by Page Six that Courtney Love has been walking around telling people that she had gastric bypass surgery, it is unlikely that they are true. Gastric bypass surgery is reserved for morbidly obese people who are not able to lose weight naturally, which is a far cry from Courtney Love who is quite young and has the financial muscle to hire fitness trainers and dieticians to help her lose the weight naturally.

    We congratulate Courtney Love for trying to get healthy and put behind her drug-infested lifestyle, but we caution her against trying to lose too much weight as she looks a little bit on the thin side in the pictures. But, let’s give her a break – her transformation was not an easy feat to achieve and took some work. Considering Courtney’s compulsive personality, we just hope she will not become overly obsessive in her beauty quest.

    Courtney says on her website that she is not done dieting and has “6 more [pounds] maybe 11 more to go.

    We leave you off with the somewhat incoherent and spelling mistake-laden message that Courtney Love posted on the fan site:

    Courtney Love writes on 12 Apr 2007 at 5:46 am:

    “oh perez got it from pge six nd ots bullshiti couldnt get that suregry iof i begged for it
    FDA says you have to have a BMI of above 40 and that equals at least being 100 pounds overweight at least other wsie its ILLEGAL. I know spmeone who troed to get that shit and no dr would give it to her an dhse was pudgier than i was, its total utter shite, i lost weightthe hard way and people cant accept it,whwnever ANYONE loses weight by determintaion and grit fast its suspect i got muyinspirationf rom Oprah losing so much weight on Slim Fast,. thats how i did it, thio sis nonsesne my breath is great and i dont “vomit inot a towel” it sjust cynical crazy bullshit, i started weight training three days go to get rid of the saggy ass and loose tummy i pln on hving perrrfect six pack by summer, and be extra strong so when i play shows ill be strong nd not weak, Thizs is bullshit as is the tummy tuck rumour or the 200k in liopo rumpur ( you dont lose eoght all over from lipo) ( noone loses more than 15 lbs from lipo ever they “resculpt”) thi sisjust nnoying gross BULLSHIT. from people who cant lose wieght through ld fashioned discipline but dont think for second if it was legal i wouldnt think bout it sure i would but losing ll you rintesines doesnt appeal to me and im ton macro so i dont get cancer ( i kno wthe smnoking hs to go) banding s supposed to up your vchances for colon cancer as well as other terroble health problems,again this is BULLSHIT. i worked my ss off and m always fucking hingry though ive gotten used to it, bno dr in the world would give me gastric bypass or gastric banding i dont meet the pproval of ny western country , it would be illegal and im[ossible fvor me to find dr to perform this surgery on me. zso thats THAT. Jealous Cynical people who anta cceopt that somneone cn lose alot of weight the old fshioned wy ive exercised mya ss off obv iously not enough in my stomach but xdone tons and tons aof cardio, so enough said on this nonsense jealous cynical lie.
    good night”

    Sources: Moonwashedrose.com, Theblemish.com

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