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  • Courtney Love, Plastic Surgery, Nose Job, Lip Augmentation

    A fan of blown-up, lip augmented lips for years, 43-year old Courtney Love is planning to have more plastic surgery to fix her enhanced lips and restore a natural look.

    Love had enhanced her lips a number of years ago with what appears to be a semi-permanent filler like Gore-tex or silicone, the result of which has left her lips looking permanently uneven. Love regrets having had lip augmentation, referring to this period as her “my dark years” and admits that there was nothing wrong with her lips in the first place, saying her mouth “was perfectly cute”. Love has also had two botched nose jobs, which she fixed earlier this year in January with a French plastic surgeon. The same plastic surgeon also attempted to deflate her self-described “trout” lips (Read the full story about Courtney Love’s Nose Jobs).

    Now, it appears that Love is still not happy with the look of her lips and wants to undergo another corrective cosmetic surgery on her lips. Love wrote on her Myspace.com blog that she vows to return to her French plastic surgeon to fix her lips and restore a natural look.

    My mouth still looks wonky. I have to restore myself to not looking ridiculous, wrote Love.

    In her blog entry, Love wrote in her typical, disoriented manner with spelling mistakes about her plastic surgery rehaul plan and the ordeal she suffered since getting her botched permanent lip augmentation.

    Love writes how some plastic surgeon “…did a trout mouth, with a substnce that doesnt fade, so it takes surgery to restore my face to natural, i feel like m,y mouth is too big still so im gonna have to go back and RESTORE it to NATURAL…”

    Love is not the first person to suffer bad results with semi-permanent and permanent lip fillers, as using such fillers poses the risk of getting undesirable results that cannot fade away. Whereas temporary fillers such as Collagen, Juvederm or Restylane reabsorb into the body after a few months, long-lasting fillers such as Gore-Tex and silicone can last for several years. In many cases, such long-lasting fillers also have a lumpy feel to them, although this is not visible to the eye but can be felt when the patient touches their lips. Many surgeons recommend that patients first get a temporary filler before considering a long-lasting filler, so as to make sure that the lip filler is providing them the results they want.

    Love has had unfortunate luck with plastic surgery, already having three nose jobs, with the latter two done to correct a botched nose job. It may just be that Love will never be able to fully restore her old look and she should be careful from not going overboard with more surgery and trying to correct something that can never be fully restored to how it was originally.

    In any twist of irony, Love previously made 53 new year’s resolutions for 2007 on her website, among which was that she’d be giving up plastic surgery. The ever contradictory Courtney Love promised, “No more surgery for any reason other than medical until I really need it in my 60s.”

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Courtney Love on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic encyclopedia.

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