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  • Before undergoing any plastic surgery, it is highly recommended that you do your research first. You’re going to want to know exactly what the procedure entails and you’re going to want to find a plastic surgeon that best suits your needs. These tasks likely entail some reading and research skills. However, it seems that former child bride Courtney Stodden must not have done her research before going under the knife because she recently boasted to talk show host Bethenny Frankel that she doesn’t read or write.

    Courtney Stodden has been busy playing the fame game since she shocked the world by marrying 50-something actor Doug Hutchinson when she was just 17 years old. Between posing for pictures and making sex tapes all by herself, you’d think that Courtney would now be working on writing her memoirs, even though she is just 19 year old. However, don’t be looking at the bookshelves any time soon because Courtney recently revealed that she doesn’t read or write in an appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show.

    It’s kind of unclear whether or not Courtney is actually illiterate or just prefers to Tweet her thoughts and thanks to her plastic surgeons. The selfie lover probably just doesn’t like books that don’t have photos of her in them.

    Just before her split from hubbie Doug, Courtney had plastic surgery to enhance her already large breasts. She then followed that up with a lip augmentation and there’s no telling when she’ll stop.

    Although Courtney says she doesn’t read or write, she did manage to use the book analogy of “not judging a book by its cover” when it comes to the general public opinion of herself.

    So between shocking selfies, plastic surgery and appearing on talk shows, Courtney says she is focusing on her career, but that doesn’t necessarily include reality TV. And she says that porn is out of the question as well.

    “That’s the not direction I’m taking,” she went on. “Trust me, the second I turned 18 the entire porn industry turned upside down, Vivid, all of them, I turned down a $5 million porn offer about three months ago.”

    And while Courtney is constantly changing her body with plastic surgery and skimpier and skimpier clothing, Courtney claims to be happy with her looks and even proclaims herself to be a feminist.

    I happen to feel comfortable like this,” she said. “I like the way I look—I  love the way I look. I think that’s all that matters. I think that can empower other people, too, from hearing that.”


    “I know people might think this is funny, but I actually feel that I am a true feminist,” she said, “because I believe in women looking the way they want to look. I think real women support women.”


    While Courtney is clearly of the Miley Cyrus school of feminism, it does seem frightening that she can’t read. Maybe something by Gloria Steinem (book on tape?) could help the provocative young lady put things into perspective?