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  • Daisy Fuentes may be better known for hosting television shows than for her acting. But either way, she is notorious for her hot bod. But Make Me Heal wants to know if she owes some of her famous curves to plastic surgery.

    Daisy Fuentes, Breast Implants

    The Cuban-born 41-year old uses Pilates to stay in shape. But we think she uses breast implants to achieve her high riding breasts. Daisy’s full-sized breasts are very far apart, like fake breasts. They also point upwards, which is unusual for a middle-aged woman or even natural breasts. Daisy’s breast augmentation was well executed and have helped her look and fit better into the clingy, revealing, and sexy clothes she is known for wearing.

    Daisy Fuentes, Breast Augmentation

    Although Daisy’s breasts are the most obvious recipients of plastic surgery, her face also likely had some help. She probably uses laser skin treatments and peels to get rid of surface wrinkles and blemishes. Also, as she has only the faintest trace of crow’s feet around her eyes and no frown lines on her forehead, she probably uses Botox and Restylane and will beginning adding more areas as she ages and her wrinkles deepen.

    Make Me Heal thinks that Daisy looks great, especially in clothes, when her breast augmentation is less obvious.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Daisy Fuentes on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic Source: Awful Plastic Surgery