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  • English actress Jorgie Porter is a platinum blonde but her hair color may be as fake as she gets. The Hollyoaks soap star became popular on her season of Britain’s popular reality show Dancing on Ice. While some stars go under the knife to fit into the skimpy costumes, Jorgie seems to be a natural beauty.

    In an interview about her appearance on Dancing with Ice, Jorgie Porter shared many beauty secrets, including how she gets her eyelashes so lush and how she stays in shape. What she doesn’t do is go in for plastic surgery.

    When asked about her fabulous figure, Jorgie said that skating has helped to keep her tight and fit, “I love skating. My bum has toned up since training for Dancing On Ice.“

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    While Jorgie enjoys looking good, she doesn’t think she will ever want to go under the knife for any work, saying, “No. It can change the way you look. Imagine if you had surgery and it was horrific. I wouldn’t mess with myself like that.”

    Given that Jorgie is only 26, she may change her mind as she grows older and decide to try some anti aging procedures or even boost her bust with breast implants if they begin to sag from the fatigue of age and exercise. However, Jorgie may also decide to go the natural route, given that her beauty icon appears to be aging naturally.

    When asked who she thinks is beautiful, Jorgie replied, “Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. She is stunning and really curvaceous.”

    Just because Jorgie describes her style as tomboy and doesn’t think that she will want to mess with plastic surgery in the future doesn’t mean that the actress doesn’t spend plenty of time messing with her looks. In the interview she also spilled her beauty secrets, from products to pampering.


    Jorgie’s favorite beauty products are top notch and include: “Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter lasts all day. Benefit Remove It smells amazing and I love Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème. On my hair I use L’Anza Trauma Treatment products.”

    As for how she manages to keep her cheeky glow, Jorgie reveals that her favorite makeup products are “Giorgio Armani Designer Lift foundation and Bourjois Cream Blush. “

    And for a glam boost, “I have my lashes tinted at Lash Out! Lashes. A bit of lipstick always makes you look glam.  “

    In addition, Jorgie gets special facials to keep her pores open and smooth, “I go for facials with Nicola Harris at her Liverpool spa.”

    Oftentimes facial treatments include the use of an exfoliating device to help get rid of the debris that can clog the skin, making it look old and dull. While facials can be inconvenient and expensive, and at home cleansing device such as the ProSonic can help you get the same star glow at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle of having to make a special spa appointment.