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  • The next season of competition for the mirror ball trophy is getting ready to begin and with it, the stars that will be competing on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars. From the web to sports and faces of screens large and small, here’s a look at the celebrities in the running and their possible plastic surgery.

    Alfonso Ribeiro

    42-year old Alfonso Ribeiro is best known for his role as the annoying Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although the actor doesn’t have a long resume, he does have a history of dancing—remember “The Carlton?” In any case, Alfonso looks to be aging well, without plastic surgery.

    Antonio Sabato Jr.

    42-year Antonio Sabato Jr. is probably very familiar with the world of plastic surgery as a soap star and model. However, this hunk doesn’t look like he has spent much time under the knife, unless it was for a nose job early in his career. Other than some possible laser treatments or chemical peels and maybe a hint of Botox in his forehead, Antonio looks to be aging naturally.

    Betsey Johnson

    72-year old fashion designer Betsey Johnson has been wowing fans with her famous cartwheels at the end of her runway shows. Her youthful appearance likely comes courtesy of not only her famous bleached hair, but also some Botox and fillers and maybe even a facelift a few years back. And of course, her bubbling personality and pink aesthetic.

    Janel Parrish

    25-year old Janel Parrish probably hasn’t had any plastic surgery in her young life. Instead her naturally full lips seem to be all the casting help she needs. But the Pretty Little Liars star does have her share of tattoos, some of which she may no longer want as she ages. If Janel changes her mind about her ink, she may find herself exploring laser tattoo removal as an option.

    Lolo Jones

    32-year old Lolo Jones uses her experience as a professional athlete to look fit and fierce. If she did spend time under the knife, it would probably be for reconstructive surgery as a result of her occupation rather than elective treatments.

    Tommy Chong

    76-year old comedian and actor Tommy Chong looks to be aging naturally, with nothing more than some possible whitening treatments to brighten his smile.

    Bethany Mota

    18-year old Bethany Mota is a YouTube personality who seems to love transforming herself with makeup and hairstyles rather than surgical procedures.

    Jonathan Bennett

    33-year old Jonathan Bennett played hot guy Aaron Samuels in Mean Girl and looks to be aging naturally. Although he has said that he is no stranger to bullying. Probably not about his looks though.

    Michael Waltrip

    51-year old race car driver Michael Waltrip seems to be speeding through life without a visit to the plastic surgeon.

    Randy Couture

    51-year old actor and UFC champ Randy Couture probably hasn’t paid a visit to the plastic surgeon. Unless it was for some stitches or necessary procedure after a bad bout in the ring.

    Sadie Robertson

    17-year old Duck Dynasty star is too young for plastic surgery right now. However, some of the older women in her family look to use Botox, so she may follow in their footsteps in the next 10 years or so.

    Tavis Smiley

    49-year old radio and TV host has a face for radio, but it doesn’t look like he’s gone under the knife to do anything about it.

    Lea Thompson

    53-year old actress Lea Thompson looks like she must have a time machine because she looks as good as she did in Back to the Future, back in the day. However, the actress insists that her beauty routine is basic and natural and doesn’t even use glycolic acid peels on her sensitive skin.