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  • On the cover of Who magazine, Dannii Minogue looks fresh faced and almost flawless. And while she admits to using Botox in the past, Dannii says she is done using the injectable these days.

    42-year old Dannii Minogue has caught heat in the past for over doing cosmetic surgery. But these days, Dannii claims her dabbling in Botox is all over.

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    In the magazine’s stars without makeup issue, Dannii appears on the cover with some faint freckles but appears to be all natural, the way she usually appears when she isn’t in front of a camera.


    Dannii says, “When I’m not working, I wear minimal makeup—when you’re a mum it becomes a time constraint.”


    “But I don’t use Botox,” she adds. “It was definitely something I did in a particular time of my life, but not anymore.”


    Dannii and her singer sister Kylie, have both admitted to using Botox in the past in order to maintain a smooth visage. And both were attacked for overdoing it, which Dannii has said led her stop undergoing the injectables.


    “I see the comments. Plastic. All Botox,” she said back in 2009, “I can see what people see, but I have to say that – while I have been open about doing it before – I’m not doing it now.”


    “For the X Factor it is actually quite useful to be able to have facial expressions,” Dannii went on to say at the time, “There is so much more pressure on women. If you can get older and be happier within yourself, that’s the main thing.”


    Now that she is done with Botox injenctions, Dannii reportedly relies on pricey skincare products to produce similar skin smoothing results.


    Deborah Mitchell’s Heaven Bee Venom mask, £73 (US$127, AU$135) is a favorite with Dannii as well as other celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge and Michelle Pfeiffer because it is said to produce “a natural Botox effect.”


    Before the magazine cover was revealed, Dannii admitted to feeling nervous about not wearing makeup.


    “I guess the initial reaction was ‘What? Are you kidding me!’” she exclaimed.


    “But I don’t see why it should be a big deal, I think that there’s a major thing with women that we’re expected to be perfect all the time and get this – news breaking – we’re not!”


    “I thought, I’m 42, I’m feeling pretty good, you know you’ve got to enjoy it and hopefully it will inspire some other women.”


    Dannii said that makeup is beneficial and men should wear it too—especially to cover up tired dark circles under the eyes on rough mornings.


    Although Dannii may have some faint freckles, she doesn’t have many deep wrinkles, which means that her former Botox injections could have helped prevent them from forming or that she has great skin and didn’t Botox to maintain a smooth forehead after all.


    Dannii’s fresh face on the cover is very different from the glamorous makeup the star usually sports on the red carpet, but she looked great all the same.