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  • A few years back, Make Me Heal suspected that former mermaid Daryl Hannah had been under the knife. Now, recent post-op photos of the leggy blonde actress seem to have confirmed our worst plastic surgery suspicions, as Daryl looks to have gone overboard.

    Just after turning 44, Make Me Heal noted changes in Daryl Hannah’s appearance that seemed to point to plastic surgery, as her wrinkles seemed to disappear. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Daryl Hannah’s plastic surgery). Now that the actress has turned 48, new pictures of a very bloated or post-op looking Daryl Hannah have surfaced, indicating that the actress has spent too much time at the plastic surgeon’s office devouring all kinds of fillers that have distorted the shape of her face.  Daryl’s eyes also appear to have been done by an eye lift.

    Daryl Hannah, Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “As I told Access Hollywood, Daryl Hannah has had extensive fat grafting, especially to the cheeks and lower eyes. She’s had her eyes done, as well as a chin implant and Botox injections. Her lips have been injected with either fat or a filler or silicone. All together, the results are very unnatural.”

    Although not a facial plastic surgery expert, Dr. John Di Saia notes, “Daryl Hannah looks freshly post-op or had a ton of facial fillers.”

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells Make Me Heal, “Daryl Hannah’s looks quite swollen in her latest pictures. She either had some plastic surgery procedures or she had some bad allergic reaction to something. In any case, time will tell. We can all be the judge when the swelling resolves.”

    Dr. Jennifer Walden says, Darryl Hannah has the appearance of having undergone to many injectable procedures. Her cheeks and lips look as if soft-tissue fillers have been injected to over-plump them, and her forehead and area around the eyes look like they’ve been Botoxed.

    Dr. Sherrell J. Aston says, Daryl Hannah has been in the spotlight for a long time and has always seemed ageless. She has said in the past that she would not undergo the knife for her appearance. Some recent photographs show a very swollen face either from surgery or injections or both. My best guess from the photos is that she has been extremely over injected; a problem we are seeing all too frequently. Her lips are a bit lopsided and over inflated. Hopefully she has been given material that is not permanent. I have always thought she was beautiful. Time may right the wrong.

    Make Me Heal enjoys Daryl’s films and hopes her new appearance isn’t too distracting in some of her upcoming roles.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Daryl Hannah on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    8 Comments so far

    1. Racquel on May 3, 2009 5:23 am

      She was never that good looking to begin with…

    2. Rosie on May 3, 2009 8:07 am

      She looks like Viggo from Ghostbusters 2.

    3. Galinda on May 6, 2009 10:16 am

      I think part of Daryl’s beauty comes from within. She’s a beautiful person at heart and earthily beautiful on the outside…a perfect combination. Her business may dictate all too much how she needs to appear, but to myself, and I’m sure countless others too, Daryl is the perfect girl next door. Pretty inside and out.

    4. Lisa on May 6, 2009 9:59 pm

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    5. Jase on May 8, 2009 6:50 am

      Fuck! She looks like Stifler’s mom!

    6. Z-bo on August 25, 2009 6:22 am

      OMG she looks like crap….why do these Hollywood women all ruin their careers with bad surgery? They are not preserving them they are killing them.

    7. jaime f on December 19, 2009 12:47 pm

      oh no she looks like mickey rourke. natural beauty is the essence. not fillers and silicone

    8. kyiah on January 5, 2010 12:31 pm

      When i get my money

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