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  • Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was in the hospital recently, reportedly to have something removed from above his eye. Because his spokesperson declined to give specific details on what was being removed, Make Me Heal speculates that the 55-year old may have had a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to rejuvenate his orbs.

    David Hasselhoff, Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty

    Blepharoplasty removes saggy skin and excess fat from both the upper and lower eyelids, using incisions hidden in the natural creases of the eye. Often aging causes the saggy baggy appearance and at 55, The Hoff is a likely candidate. Eyelid surgery requires a short healing period, usually less than 10 days and another few weeks before it is okay to wear contacts. David Hasselhoff went in for surgery only over a week ago and has recently been photographed in glasses and sporting bruises and possible stitches around his eye, which would corroborate the story of him undergoing a recent surgery.

    On the other hand, it is possible that Hasselhoff’s eye surgery was not cosmetic. The aging beach bum does not appear to have any sagging or loose skin around the eyes, even though he is a known alcoholic and alcohol causes a puffy appearance around the eyes. Hasselfhoff has deep wrinkles, probably from spending too much time in the California sun. Also, the stitches and bruising is only around one eye and it would be unusual to have cosmetic eye surgery on one eye at a time.

    Whether or not David Hasselhoff had a blepharoplasty or not remains to be seen, as only time will tell whether he went under the knife. For now, Make Me Heal is glad to see Hasselhoff back on his feet but off from a television show.