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  • Deborah Palfrey, the mastermind behind a sweeping prostitution ring in Washington DC, hanged herself at her mother’s home last week rather than face a jail sentence. But did the “DC Madam” leave the planet with body parts newer than her 52 years of living? Make Me Heal thinks so.

    Deborah Palfrey, DC Madam, Plastic Surgery

    Although a lack of available before pictures make it difficult to fully assess what plastic surgery procedures the convicted Madam had done, Deborah looks remarkably younger than 52 years old.

    Palfrey’s smooth and youthful skin and lack of wrinkles implies that she may has likely gotten dermal injections (i.e. Botox, Juvederm, or Restylane), coupled with laser skin resurfacing to slough off dead surface skin layers or other facial rejuvenation procedures such as Fraxel, Active Fx, Pearl, or Thermage.

    Also, her eyelids don’t droop at all, indicative of a potential blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Her lips are also very full and unlined, which means she may have had some form of lip injections, like Restylane. Furthermore, her neck and jaw are tight without much evidence of slack skin or jowls and the cheeks appear quite plump, suggesting that she may have had a mid facelift with some type of cheek suspension or repositioning of fat in the cheek area.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn agrees with Make Me Heal’s assessment of Deborah, saying “Her upper eyelids look unusually tight for a 52 year old, showing a possible upper blepharoplasty. Otherwise, it’s possible she’s also had lip injections, although maybe not.”

    Whatever the case may be, Make Me Heal hopes that Deborah Palfrey will finally rest in peace.

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