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  • Demi Lovato has become a role model for teens and young girls who struggle with bullying and self-esteem issues after revealing that as a child star on the Disney channel, she struggled with eating disorders and having a positive body image. So she probably wasn’t the perfect celebrity to be answering questions about plastic surgery, but she bravely stepped up to the plate during an interview with Miami’s Y100 radio backstage at Jingle Ball 2013 before Christmas.

    At the event, 21-year old child star turned talent competition judge picked a question out of the Santa hat that read: “You were picked to give one celebrity plastic surgery. Who would it be and what type of surgery?”

    Rather than knock down her fellow stars because she understands how hard it is to hear bad things about yourself, Demi initially protested against answering by saying, “I shouldn’t even think this.” Eventually she turned the tables and said, “It should be me! I should get a boob job. They’re like mosquito bites.”

    Demi first opened up about her body image issues in 2012, telling Katie Couric, “When I started having body image issues I remember being three years old in a diaper and rubbing my hand over my stomach … and I remember thinking in my head ‘I wonder if one day this will ever be flat?’”

    Since then, Demi has sought treatment for her problems and has encouraged other young people to do the same.

    Despite having known body image issues, Demi has sparked her share of plastic surgery rumors in the past. Between leaving the Disney channel somewhat abruptly to deal with her problems and getting a new start at fame as a judge on the X Factor reality competition, Demi reportedly had several tattoos, some which she regrets and has considered having removed.

    As Demi has clearly shown that she is not afraid of needles, some thought that Demi may have gotten Botox injections, because she has a wrinkle-free forehead that tends to have a lot of shine. Wrinkle free, shiny foreheads are typically indicators of Botox injections in the world of stardom, but given Demi’s super young age, she perfect forehead was probably the result of youth paired with residual teenage facial oil.

    Except for occasionally changing up her hair color, oftentimes with hues not found in nature, Demi seems to be staying pretty natural.

    As for breast implants, if Demi did decide to transform her naturally small breasts into a larger size, she wouldn’t be the first former Disney diva to do so. Over the years plenty of celebrities that got their start on the family friendly Disney channel have decided to get bigger assets in order to jump start their adult careers. Former Mousketeers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are frequently rumored to have had breast augmentation. They both seem to alternate using push bras and may have their implants removed because the size of their breasts tends to change frequently, although weight gain and loss due to pregnancy probably plays some part.