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  • Plastic surgery’s ultimate poster child Demi Moore is feeling a bit insecure these days with Ashton Kutcher filming intimate movie scenes with the stunning Cameron Diaz.

    Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, Plastic SurgeryShooting on location in New York for the film What Happens In Vegas, Kutcher was visited by Moore, 44, who is worried that her 15 years younger husband may fall under the spell of the newly single Diaz. On the set, Diaz looked her best with a tight blue dress and matching heels. Diaz’s nose looks all the better, as her recent nose job has only enhanced her looks (read more about Cameron Diaz’s nose job).

    With so many romantic celebrity relationships sprouting on movie sets, it is only normal that Demi would be protective of her man. While Demi Moore is over nine years older than Diaz, she is in great shape, thanks in part to a series of well timed plastic surgeries. Seen in a photo on the set of the new Ashton-Cameron romantic comedy, Moore shows no signs of aging on her face, which is free from lines and wrinkles on her forehead, no jowls or slackness on her jaw, and a perfectly taut and tight neck. Her fresh face is attributed to a brow lift, numerous Botox or Restylane/Juvederm injections, potential laser or chemical peels, and a possible mini lower facelift that has helped her neck and lower face stand the test of time. As Demi was wearing sunglasses on the movie set, it is difficult to tell if she has had a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

    Demi Moore, Plastic Surgery, FaceliftDemi Moore is rumored to have spent over $120,000 on plastic surgery over the years (see table below that breaks down Demi Moore’s plastic surgery expense tab) and over $330,000 on diet and fitness routines, including nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor and kick-boxing champion. In addition to the procedures discussed above, Demi Moore has had a breast augmentation in 1996 for the film Striptease, only to remove them afterwards and get a breast lift. Additionally, Demi Moore’s tight body is rumored to have been chiseled by liposuction on her stomach, stomach, inner and outer hips. Moreover, the actress is rumored to have had tooth veneers. Most recently, the actress has been rumored to have had a knee liposuction surgery.

    While no plastic surgery can save a marriage, Demi Moore has used the knife to her best advantage to narrow the age gap between Ashton and her. Demi has avoided the fate of Cher and Joan Rivers and managed to look natural despite having numerous cosmetic surgeries. At the same time, it appears Demi and Ashton is resolutely in love and that Ashton has no temptations to sample other younger Hollywood actresses like his current co-star Cameron Diaz.

    If anything, Ashton intends to remain in the shadow of his wife. Apparently, Ashton believes that the woman in the couple should be the star, with the man being there like “accessories” to highlight them.

    Your man should not upstage you. He is there to highlight you, says Kutcher.

    With this philosophy, Demi has little to worry about…for now.

    Below is a breakdown of Demi’s cosmetic surgery expenses.

    Demi Moore’s Plastic Surgery Expenses

    • Liposuction to her hips, inner and outer thighs and stomach – $32,000
    • Beast implants for 1996 film Striptease – $22,000
    • Subsequent operation to reduce her breast implants and have a breast lift – $19,000
    • Brow lift – $7,200
    • Chemical facial skin peel – $20,000
    • Collagen injections (per course) – $400
    • Teeth veneered and laser whitening – $12,400
    • Knees surgery – $10,000

    Total: $123,000

    Demi Moore’s Fitness & Diet Routine

    • A long-term diet and fitness routine, including nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor and kick-boxing champion – $330,200

    Total: $330,200

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Demi Moore on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic Source: Daily Mail

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