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  • Denise Richards is better known for her sex appeal and hectic personal life than her acting career. But where would her limited acting career be without some plastic surgery to enhance her stunning body?

    At 38, Denise Richards has already had three breast augmentations, more surgeries than many go through in their entire lives. But there were reasons for each one, as the mother of two revealed to shock jock Howard Stern, who has been under the knife himself.

    Denise Richards, Breast Augmentation

    To explain the first surgery, Denise says, “I was 19, and my roommate had the best boobs ever, and she had just had hers done,” she said with a laugh. “I was flat as a board, and I thought ‘Whoa, you can just buy them’ and stupidly had them done!”

    For the second breast augmentation, she said that the doctor assumed that because she is an actress, she would want them to be extra large, “The next guy put bigger ones in, and it was not good — they were a D!”

    Most likely it this pair of implants that landed Denise her most famous role in the film Wild Things, where she shares a wild lesbian kiss with actress Neve Campbell, and reveals her breasts as well.

    Denise Richards, Breast Augmentation

    For the third, and thus far final pair of implants, Denise seems to be happy and pleased with the results, which fit her frame and do not stand out overmuch.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “Revisional breast augmentation is unfortunately not uncommon although many plastic surgeons are striving to lower reoperation rates with this surgery. Revisional surgery may be necessary for patients that suffer from capsular contracture or implant rupture and is also done to either reduce or increase implant size, often the case when patients bear children and desire a breast lift also. Denise Richards is no exception, and her story about the miscommunication regarding her breast size with her surgeon is heard way too often. However her current surgeon has chosen implants that fit her frame and complements her figure.”

    There are many reasons women choose to undergo breast augmentations, not only to get the size just right.

    New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer reveals, “Denise admits to 3 breast augmentations. While most people are very happy with their primary augmentation, some people do decide later to go larger or smaller or may need revisions. Also, women who previously had saline breast augmentation are now choosing to exchange their implants for the more natural feeling silicone breast implants.”

    Everyone agrees that Denise was right to continue having plastic surgery until she got the sizing right.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston says, “Denise Richards made her plastic surgery experiences public after discussing her breast implants on Howard Stern. She admitted that she has undergone three separate operations in order to get the look that made her happy. A few women will find that they want to change the size of their implants as they age and their lifestyle changes. I think that Denise looks very attractive and her breast size is perfect for her body type.”

    While Denise only talked about her breast augmentation on the radio program, Make Me Heal suspects that her plastic surgery efforts may have been extended above the neck as well, in the form of Botox injections.

    Dr. Walden says, “As for her smooth forehead and wide-eyed look, she may have used Botox around her forehead and eyebrow region, as well as lip injections with soft tissue fillers. Weight loss, hair extensions, and tanning can also be attributed to her new look.”

    Denise’s ex-husband, actor Charlie Sheen has also spent time under the knife, getting a nose job (See Make Me Heal’s story on Charlie Sheen’s rhinoplasty).

    Whatever the case, Denise looks better than ever and fans can look forward to watching her and her crazy shenanigans on the new season of her reality show.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Denise Richards on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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