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  • 68-year old Diane Keaton is still a style star, remaining true to her pants-loving self that wowed audiences back in her Annie Hall days. Diane has always marched to her own beat and that includes never marrying and never going under the knife. Now she says, she is too old for plastic surgery.

    As one of Woody Allen’s original leading ladies, Diane is once again in the spotlight as the director once again faces allegations of child molestation.

    In an interview with People magazine, Diane dished on this and that, including how she stays so fabulous year after year and that although she has contemplated plastic surgery in the past, she now feels she is too old to go under the knife and have good results.


    She tells People.com, “Looking in the mirror gets worse and worse – it’s just hopeless! I should extend this, pull it all up… But I think it’s too late.

    “When I grew up, (plastic surgery) was the thing you would never do. That was horrible – you weren’t authentic. Now I don’t believe that for a second, but there’s a point where you can’t do it anymore because you become, like, a freak. People do the face-lift or the filler, and if you’re too old you need to do both and you’ve created a new face! I haven’t done anything.

    “Luckily they help you out in the movies. A little airbrush, lighting.”


    Diane Keaton has always been open when it comes to plastic surgery and her thoughts on aging. A couple of years ago, she admitted to AARP magazine that she was on the fence when it came to whether or not plastic surgery was in her future.


    “My thinking about plastic surgery is this,” Keaton says. “I haven’t had it, but never say never. Because when you do, you are definitely going to go there. I said I would never have intercourse before I was married, and I did. I said I would never go to a psychiatrist, and I spent much of my life in psychoanalysis. I’ve done all kinds of things I said I wouldn’t do and, of course, now I’m glad. Thrilled.”


    As a L’Oreal cosmetics spokesperson, Diane looks great in the commercials, but that must be because of the airbrushing and lighting as the quirky actress has never admitted to plastic surgery.


    Diane also keeps covered up much of the time, which probably helps protect her skin from the harmful rays of the sun, which causes premature aging such as lax skin, wrinkles and age spots. By wearing funky bowties, turtlenecks and other high necklines, Diane has not only solidified her role as a style icon, but also helped protect her neck from sun damage. Oftentimes the neck area gives away a person’s true age, even when a facelift has tightened up the face area.


    Diane’s style seems to be practical and original, much like her approach to beauty.



    1 Comment so far

    1. Sean on May 5, 2014 7:14 pm

      Its easy to see from what she’s saying how far people’s views of these surgeries have come.

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