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  • Canadian born Jessica Lowndes has been acting since childhood but first became known to American audiences on the 90210 reboot that aired on the CW network. Since the show has gone off the air, Jessica hasn’t done much but it looks like she has tried to boost her career with a breast augmentation.

    25-year old Jessica Lowndes looks very mature for her age. And given the provocative poses she has done for men’s magazines it seems like that she has tried to look even more mature with a breast augmentation.


    In older photoshoots, it looks as though Jessica relied on lingerie and push up bras to create the appearance of cleavage. Recently, Jessica did her own photoshoot on a beach sporting nothing more than a very unsupportive string bikini. Given that Jessica’s bikini top was much more filled out than in the past, it seems likely that Jessica has had a breast augmentation.


    While some stars choose implants that look very obvious or oversized on their thin frames, Jessica didn’t go overboard. However, her breasts look rather high and round and don’t really have that natural squishy look, which indicates that she has probably had a breast augmentation rather than a delayed growth spurt. Furthermore, her breasts seem to defy gravity, staying level on her chest rather than falling to the side when she is on her side.


    In photos of Jessica’s “side boob,” the augmentation becomes even more obvious. Where natural breasts sag when unsupported, Jessica’s breasts look to remain high and firm.


    Although Jessica hasn’t had a regular gig since 90210 folded, it seems that the Canadian has been sticking around Hollywoodland hoping for her career to get another boost. Between breast augmentation and acting, Jessica tried to her hand at becoming a pop star, at least according to her Wikipedia page.


    More recently, Jessica appeared at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards red carpet held at the Wiltern Theater. Jessica was at the event with High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale, because she appeared on an episode of Ashley’s new show Young & Hungry.


    Since her High School Musical debut, Ashley has formed a production company, which produces the ABC family show Young & Hungry. While Ashley is behind the scenes these days, she also makes appearances on various shows including an episode of Young & Hungry and ditched her Disney diva image when she had a short story arc on the biker gang show Sons of Anarchy.


    Like Jessica, Ashley has also spent time under the knife, but the pretty blonde was open about her decision to have a nose job. Ashley apparently suffered from a deviated septum which made breathing out of her nose difficult. In order to correct the problem, Ashley underwent a much publicized rhinoplasty in 2007, which not only helped her to breathe easy but also narrowed and refined the shape of her nose, making her look more sophisticated.


    Jessica appears to be trying hard to find fame once again and maybe a plastic surgery revelation will be her ticket.