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  • Ali Lohan is the latest of the Lohans to court publicity. The teen sister of actress Lindsay Lohan recently announced her intention to begin modeling. Shortly after, the web started buzzing with the news that Ali had gone under the knife for some plastic surgery to boost her career.

    17-year old Ali Lohan has drawn concern for years over reports that she has had plastic surgery at too young of an age, from dental veneers to lip augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on Ali Lohan’s plastic surgery).

    Recently after announcing her intention to become a model, a young woman who resembled Ali and had a strong resemblance was photographed by the paparazzi, with headlines claiming Ali had been under the knife for cosmetic surgeries of Heidi-Montag-like proportion. While it is possible that Ali is just emerging from a lengthy plastic surgery recovery, it could also be that another young woman stepped in front of the camera.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “I have to say, Ali Lohan would have had to have a lot of plastic surgery to alter her look this much- including lengthening her legs.  Although there is a significant resemblance between the two, I think Ali has found her doppelganger.”

    Indeed, while Ali could have lost weight and had fillers injected into her lips, it is unlikely that she would also have had a blepharoplasty to widen her eyes as well as a nose job and other procedures.

    Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City says, “Based on the photos, it is hard to tell of there were any surgical procedures or just a bit of less invasive procedures such as Botox or Fillers.”

    NEXT Model Management released a statement to E! News saying that Ali hasn’t been surgically altered at all, and any changes in her appearance are due to sudden growth.

    “Contrary to recent reports, I can confirm that Aliana Lohan has not had any surgery,” Next Model Management agency director Alexis Borges told E! News.

    “As a young girl who is growing up, it’s natural for her facial features to change slightly, and we see this with many of the younger models we represent.”

    “Aliana is a beautiful 17-year-old girl who is growing into her face and body, as is the norm for someone of her age.”

    “We take pastoral care of our models very seriously and encourage the models to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body shape.”

    Ali also sparked concern from tabloids when she showed off a dramatic weight loss, likely to help her gain modeling gigs

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Ali Lohan on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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