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  • Aubrey O’Day, the former Danity Kane member is busy posting selfies of herself. While the photos are nothing new, her new angle seems to focus on her backside, which has led to rumors of a new plastic surgery procedure for the star: buttocks augmentation.

    Several gossip blogs have been suspicious that Aubrey has once again gone under the knife for a buttocks augmentation and the star has done little to dispel the rumors. After they first popped up, she took to social media saying:

    “Took my fake ass out for some sun today,” she wrote, later adding, “Lost in the gorgeous errors of flesh.”


    It’s hard to tell from the comment whether Aubrey is admitting that her backside is “fake” or just referring to the numerous other procedures she’s had over the years.


    30-year old Aubrey is no stranger to plastic surgery if the rumors are true. Aubrey probably didn’t have butt implants placed, but she may have had another procedure done which uses fat grafts in order to boost her booty.


    In the past, Aubrey has openly admitted to going under the knife for numerous plastic surgeries, including undergoing breast augmentation and rhinoplasty as well as a few well-placed fillers like Restylane and Juvederm in her cheeks and lips.


    She has also been rumored to have had Botox injections in the past, but while she probably didn’t need them back then, she may now, especially if she spends a lot of time in the sun, which speeds up the aging process.


    After she lost a lot of weight, it was rumored that Aubrey had a tummy tuck as a bikini photo revealed what appeared to be a small scar. It’s unlikely that Aubrey had a full tummy tuck, but she may have had some sort of liposuction procedure or a small amount of fat removed from her stomach, which resulted in a scar.


    Recently, many stars have admitted to buttocks augmentation and all seem to be pleased with the results. Reality show stars Tiny and Shekinah Jo both showed off their buttocks augmentations. And more recently, SWV member Lelee admitted to the procedure on her blog, writing, “There’s not one ounce of silicone in my ass—NONE! I had a procedure called a fat transfer. This is where they take your own fat from an unwanted area on your body and distribute it where it is needed. In my case, it wasn’t NEEDED, but I wanted more volume in that booty lol. I never knew how much I would need my ass, but couldn’t use it.”


    While many stars come clean about their decision to undergo some type of buttocks augmentation, some of the more likely suspects have remained mum or even insisted that their assets are all their own, including Kim Kardashian and Coco. Both women are famous for their rear ends, but both routinely deny having plastic surgery procedures.


    After undergoing a dramatic breast augmentation, Aubrey may have felt that a buttocks augmentation would help to balance out her curves.