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  • Bruce Jenner has finally been stepping out with the results of his much speculated about laryngeal shave plastic surgery procedure. Along with a smoother neck, Bruce has rumors swirling about why he decided to go under the knife. Particularly fierce are rumors that the masculine former Olympian is in transition. Not helping the matter are Bruce’s new lush locks, which appear to be the result of a hair transplant.

    Although Bruce has battled rumors of cross-dressing in the past, which his estranged wife, Kris Jenner, has denied, the rumors picked up again when it was reported that he was looking to have his Adam’s apple reduced. Frequently a laryngeal shave is the first step in a male to female transition for transgender patients. However, Bruce said he was interested in having because “I just never liked my trachea.”

    In new pictures revealing the results of the plastic surgery procedure, Bruce’s hairstyle also looks a little different. Since separating from Kris Jenner, Bruce has been growing out his hair, even wearing his longer locks tied back in a ratty ponytail. However, his locks, in addition to being freshly dyed in the ombre style generally popular with young women, also look to be thicker than in the past—which could be an indication of a recent hair transplant as well.

    Holding his head at angle to show off his newly shaved Adam’s apple, Bruce’s locks looked to be recently done. His roots are very dark and although his hairline has receded since his athletic glory days, Bruce’s new ‘do looks to be a lot thicker. Dark at the roots, his hairline looks to have moved forward slightly, which means that he may have also undergone a hair transplant to help fill out his hairline.

    Releasing his hair from a ponytail, Bruce’s hair looks thicker, which means he is either wearing extensions like his daughters, or he has had hair transplanted in the back as well, thickening his locks all over.

    Bruce’s boys from his previous marriages are said to support their father’s plastic surgery, whether or not he intends to become a woman, although they blame his association with the Kardashians for his obsession with his looks and plastic surgery.


    While his sons may be supportive of his transformation, his young daughters, Kendall and Kylie, from his marriage to Kris, are reportedly confused by their father’s new look of long nails, long hair and more plastic surgery.

    According to a source at RadarOnline.com, the girls are confused by Bruce Jenner’s new feminization, despite mom Kris Jenner saying that their dad is not going through a “change.”

    “Kylie and Kendall just don’t know what to think. It’s extremely confusing for them to grasp. There is just no denying Bruce’s recent physical changes, and he does look more feminine, “says the source.

    Comments on social media haven’t helped the girls through the difficult situation and apparently Kylie only hangs out with Bruce if the family is filming their reality show.