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  • Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have hit a rocky patch in their marriage in recent years. Yet they may be headed for some sort of reconciliation if recent events are any indication. The couple recently attended the opening night of the off-Broadway play The Library together. Although both have had health issues in the past, they both looked happy and healthy and Catherine was sporting a new hairstyle, complete with bangs. Given her past love of plastic surgery, the bangs could be covering up some recent plastic surgery work.

    44-year old Catherine Zeta Jones is rumored to have had her share of plastic surgery before finding fame as a beautiful actress. Although she has never confirmed the rumors, older photos strongly indicate that as a young up and comer, Catherine had a blepharoplasty to help remove excess skin on her eyelids and make her eyes stand out. Prior to the procedure, she had very thick and heavy lidded eyes. In addition, she probably had a nose job as well, as her nose looks much more refined than it did in the past, when it was wider and her nostrils were slightly more prominent. Since those early days, Catherine is also thought to have had breast implants because although she was very thin for a brief period of time, her breasts remained high and full and round.

    In addition to having early eyelid surgery and a nose job as well as possible breast implants, it is also very likely that Catherine’s flawless and wrinkle-free face is suggestive of the use of dermal injection fillers such as Botox, Restylane, or Juvederm and potential laser skin procedures and chemical peels.


    When Catherine dropped a great deal of weight, it was rumored that she may have usedliposuction or a liposuction procedure, or a non-invasive laser liposuction such as Smartlipo or CoolLipo, which have less downtime than traditional liposuction, would not be outside the realm of possibility. However, due to the uniform appearance of Catherine’s slim figure, it was probably the result of diet rather than liposuction.


    So in light of Catherine’s new hairstyle, it seems that using a new hairstyle to hide plastic surgery is likely. Bangs are often used as a cover up for Botox, but if the Botox was done recently or Catherine had a bad reaction, bangs could help disguise the treatment as Botox injections are typically used on the forehead and between the brows to get rid of wrinkles in those areas.


    It is also possible that Catherine had a more invasive anti aging procedure that created scarring and she is wearing bangs as a way to hide the scars until they are completely healed. A forehead lift or mini facelift could have left scars around the hairline, which could be hidden with bangs.


    If Catherine is hiding scars from facial plastic surgery, it would be a complete reversal from when her sometimes estranged husband, Michael Douglas had a facelift. At the time, Michael stepped out proudly sporting bandages rather than hiding at home until his incisions had healed.