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  • Actress Christina Hendricks has been notoriously coy about admitting to a breast augmentation, but Makemeheal.com thinks that she may also been neglecting to mention a nose job in the past.

    36-year old Christina Hendricks has said that her breasts are natural and the result of weight gain, not plastic surgery.

    “It’s my body. I didn’t pay for it to happen. I didn’t get a boob job. It’s who I am. And I’m lucky to be on a show that celebrates it,” she said in 2008.

    However, photos of Christina seem to indicate differently (See Make Me Heal’s story on Christina Hendricks’ breast augmentation), making it pretty clear that Christina had breast implants placed and underwent breast augmentation recovery at some time.

    Looking at photos of Christina, it looks like she has also had a nose job at some time, before getting breast implants and finding fame. Christina’s nose looks much narrower than it used to, with a more defined tip and a less invasive bridge. The results are very well done and natural looking.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “It does appear that Christina Hendricks did have a nose job.  The tip of her nose is more defined and the width of her nostrils seems narrower.  She also has a much softer curve (angle) to the bridge of her nose.  It looks very natural and fits her face well.”

    Christina’s plastic surgery has definitely helped her career and Makemeheal.com suspects that Botox may be next on the list.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Christina Hendricks on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    5 Comments so far

    1. CC on July 18, 2011 7:42 pm

      No question about it: definite nose job. And it’s a good one — it made a huge difference in her appearance and surely has made her much more marketable as an actress. She chose the right surgeon. As for her breasts: too porn star, IMO.

    2. Kay El on September 19, 2011 12:07 pm

      In addition to the breast implants and rhinoplasty, she obviously had a chin implant.

    3. susie on November 2, 2011 1:56 am

      I don’t care about the breasts – real or not, whatever. I’m more interested in the face! I think she had a chin implant to go with that new nose. Look at the difference between the two pics. The chin in the second picture is much larger and more defined.

    4. EH on March 25, 2012 11:16 pm

      LOL, where did you get that picture? Some random chick on Facebook? That is not Christina Hendricks, that is a fairly recent photo (within the last 10 years) of a completely different girl. She looks to be about 21, MAYBE. Christina being born in 75 means the photo would have had to have been taken in the early 90s. That is not an 90s photo. Aside from that, people who try to tell you her breasts are fake are either jealous, or ignorant. Those labels not being gender exclusive.
      Sleeping with a handful of women does not make you an authority on the female form. Neither does being a woman yourself for that matter. Just think, you are 1 in about 4+ BILLION women, you have no idea what kind of natural beauty is out there. The kind of knowledge of the female body required to make a snap, but accurate judgement like that only comes from years, and years, and years of internet porn. They are real. You are welcome.

    5. Bless You on July 9, 2015 5:39 pm

      Nose job, chin implant and breast implants while pretending to be a natural beauty. (Except for the hair dye.) How does she live with herself deceiving the public. How does she sleep at night.

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