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  • Courtney Stodden earned her fame card by becoming a child bride at the age of 17 to actor Doug Hutchinson. Many believed that the platinum blonde was lying about her age, given her very mature appearance and love of sexy lingerie. Now 19, Courtney has split from Doug and after denying plastic surgery reports, opted to go under the knife for breast implants. Now it looks like Courtney may have had her implants replaced with an even larger set.

    When she first got married at age 17, many believed that Courtney was lying about her age and had had plastic surgery. Given her full chest, perfect lips and tiny nose, it seemed a logical conclusion as she seemed to be overtly sexual for her reported age.

    However after undergoing an ultrasound on television to prove that her breasts were natural, Courtney later opted for breast augmentation to make her chest even bigger than it natural was, and certainly her breasts do appear to be bigger and higher than ever.


    It seems that at the time of her marriage Courtney was an all-natural C cup, relying on push up bras from Victoria’s Secret to make her chest appear even larger. Now it seems she has decided to go under the knife for a D cup enhancement, according to TooFab.com.


    When she’s not busy in a plastic surgeon’s office, undergoing lip augmentation, Courtney enjoys snapping selfies of herself wearing skimpy outfits and lingerie and posting them on Instagram. In a recent photo, Courtney looks to be more busty than usual, which could indicate that despite only recently recovering from breast augmentation, the blonde has once again gone under the knife in order to replace her former implants with a larger set.


    In addition to changing her mind about breast implants, after the surgery, Courtney once again decided to change her appearance with plastic surgery, opting for a lip augmentation.


    Although Courtney didn’t have thin lips before, evidenced by her frequently pouting perfectly in photos, she has turned to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif to further plump her pout.


    In a selfie and Tweet, she tells Dr. Nassif, “thx for my new pout & having such a kind energy about you. You make your patients feel so comfortable  Will tweet pic soon x”


    Hopefully Courtney used a temporary filler like Juvederm to fill her lips, rather than a more permanent filler like collagen. Over time, Courtney’s lips should dissipate somewhat because at the moment they look to be competing for attention for her very large breast implants.


    Although Courtney seems to be a blonde and to have gotten blonder over time, in the past few months she dyed her hair to a dark shade saying she was curious about life as a brunette.


    “Lately I’ve been a little bit of a daredevil, and I’m trying to enter into the next chapter of my life,” Courtney told Us Weekly. “I feel born again,” she continued. “I’m excited to go out and see the life of a brunette.”


    Apparently Courtney has more fun as a blonde as her hair color is once again platinum.