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  • Remember Cynthia Rhodes, the actress that played Penny from Dirty Dancing? Did you ever wonder what happened to her? Apparently she gave up showbiz to be a suburbanite, but she may not have given up the Hollywood habit of plastic surgery.

    55-year old Cynthia Rhodes played Penny in the popular 80s film Dirty Dancing (you know, the one who had an illegal abortion that caused her such problems). Fans of the film will likely still recognize the actress because her looks really haven’t changed much from her days on the big screen. Quite often, when someone looks the same as they did 30 years, plastic surgery is at play.

    Cynthia may have taken a different path than costars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, becoming a wife and mother in suburbia rather than an international superstar, but she may have taken a page from their book and opted for some plastic surgery.

    “She looks exactly the same,” her husband of more than 20 years, musician Richard Marx, recently told the Chicago Sun-Times via Yahoo!. “She’s just gorgeous as can be, and people still stop her constantly and say that they’ve seen ‘Dirty Dancing’ 74 times,” he added.

    Despite living in the suburbs in Chicago, Cynthia may make it in to a plastic surgeon’s office for the occasional hit of Botox to help keep her youthful look. Other than that, she hasn’t done anything drastic like a nose surgery.

    Cynthia is looking good and plastic surgery may or may not be responsible.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Cynthia Rhodes on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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