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  • Dirty Money singer Dawn Richards sparked rumors of plastic surgery after she posted photos of herself looking considerably different than usual. With lighter skin and a more streamlined nose, Dawn instantly set of comments about plastic surgery. But Dawn says it’s all makeup, not the work of a skilled plastic surgeon.

    Despite showing photos in which she looks drastically different than her usual self, Dawn denied plastic surgery, saying that it was all about different makeup. In response to allegations of plastic surgery, she wrote:

    “Dear all commentators, when or if I get a nose job, I shall let you know. a Bish is never scared to let yo know,” she wrote. Til then enjoy the pic or don’t. Like the makeup or don’t kiss my a$$ or don’t either way is fine.”

    Indeed, while makeup can help to slim a nose, Dawn’s nose looks to be shaped pretty differently. Dawn’s old nose is wide and has a button tip, while her new nose is slim and has a more defined, less rounded tip. Her eyebrows are drawn on thinner, which does make her face appear to be more narrow and perhaps there is a flash or filter that helps her skin appear to be a lighter shade.

    Dawn is not the first singer to transform her looks, although calling her the next Lil Kim seems harsh. Lil Kim is well known to have gone under the knife so many times she is nearly unrecognizable. Instead of plastic surgery, Dawn appears to be playing with photography levels and makeup. Clever makeup techniques can help a face to appear slimmer, using contouring methods which help highlight and define certain areas and even make a nose look to be slimmer and less wide.

    Being photographed from a side angle can also be more flattering for a wide nose and camera lighting and online filters may make Dawn appear lighter, without skin bleaching.

    In the past, other singers have also been accused of using plastic surgery and skin lightening to become more mainstream, including Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

    Sometime between her days with Destiny’s Child and going solo, Beyonce is rumored to have had a nose job as her formerly bigger and thicker nose has been thinned, the bridge is more chiseled, and the tip of her nose is quite a bit pointier than before. She may also have had some kind of liposuction treatments as well as breast augmentation.

    Although Alicia Keys has never admitted to nose surgery, it is commonly believed that she has had a nose job because photos of the singer as a child show a wide, flat nose, whereas her current nose is slimmer and longer, with a much more narrow bridge and tip.

    Dawn may or may not have had plastic surgery, but she will probably find that fans are skeptical that surgery is not involved when her new appearance is so different from her old one.