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  • Destiny’s Child, the former girl group famous for setting Beyonce Knowles on the path to stardom also had other members, including  LaToya Luckett. LaToya has also managed to launch a successful career for herself, if more under the radar than her fellow singers and some suspect that plastic surgery has helped.

    Since her days with Destiny’s Child, LeToya’s nose looks to have gotten smaller and less bulbous. It still has the same shape, but seems to fit LeToya’s face better without changing her looks or altering her appearance. Her nasal tip has been significantly but without the obvious pinched look, so it seems to be a nose surgery well done.

    Eventually LeToya left Destiny’s Child to embark on her solo career and it looks like sometime between leaving the group and heading off on her own is when the nose job took place.


    In addition to releasing hit albums, LeToya has also moved into acting, like her former better-known band member, Beyonce. And like Beyonce, LeToya’s acting roles also revolve around music as she was a regular on the second season of HBO’s music-focused look at post-Katrina New Orleans, Treme.


    LeToya has never admitted to having a nose job, but she isn’t the only member of Destiny’s Child suspected of plastic surgery.


    Beyonce is suspected of having had several nose jobs over the years, making her nose narrower and narrower and less rounded each time. It has also been rumored that the sexy singer had breast implants placed in the past as often times her breasts flow out of bikini tops and have the round, full look of implants. In addition, Beyonce has also faced rumors of liposuction after appearing in less than flattering photos prior to giving birth to Blue Ivy. It would be possible that abdominal etching (a liposuction technique) was performed to chisel her abdominal muscles and make them more pronounced. Also, previous pictures of the singer show more looseness in the skin and less definition in her stomach muscles. Additionally, Beyonce’s thighs are much more voluptuous than her stomach, which could make one wonder how there could be such a disproportion between her chiseled, fat-free abdomen and her more meaty thighs without liposuction being the mix. However, Beyonce’s weight tends to fluctuate, and so do her breasts and stomach size so plastic surgery may not be at all at play.


    The only former Destiny’s Child member to openly discuss plastic surgery is Kelly Rowland. Kelly openly admitted to getting a breast augmentation in 2007 to help give her some curves. There may be a nose job in Kelly’s past as well, helping to narrow her nose and give it a cute button tip. Despite having gone under the knife, in an interview Kelly said that she would not consider using Botox as an anti aging treatment. “I’d never have Botox,” she said. “No way.”


    “I don’t want needles stuck in my face, that’s going to hurt. And I like to have expressions!”


    Past and present, Destiny’s Child is looking good.