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  • Holly Madison isn’t trying to fit in with the other bunnies at The Playboy Mansion, but Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend is still playing with her look. Holly recently revealed her new redheaded do, saying that she wanted to look different. But she may be hiding plastic surgery.

    39-year old Playboy Playmate turned burlesque dancer/mom recently revealed that after years of being a blonde, she has decided to transform into a stunning redhead, reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit. According to her interview with UsWeekly, Holly was ready for a new look.

    “I’m tired of looking the same,” The Bourbon Burlesque producer revealed. “People judge you on your appearance. It’s frustrating when you go about your daily life and people assume that just because you look the same way you did 10 years ago, you’re the same.”


    Holly first became known as Hugh Hefner’s #1 blonde on the reality show The Girls Next Door. Since then, a lot has changed for Holly and she wants the world to know it.


    “I want people to judge me for what I’m like now,” she added.


    Apparently Holly’s husband, Pasquale Rotella, is also a fan of her new look. She tells UsWeekly, “Oh, he loves it. I look better with dark hair — and way younger!”


    On the other hand, the couple’s 1-year old daughter was a little less sure of mom’s new look. Holly shares, “[She] was a little surprised when I walked in,” the reality star said. “She was open-mouthed, and immediately reached out to touch my hair.”


    Typically, people wanting to look younger tend to go lighter with their hair color, because dark hair can cast shadows on wrinkles. However, Holly may not be concerned about this because she has taken other steps in anti-aging, including having Botox injections throughout her face to get rid of even the tiniest lines and signs of aging. Holly appears to use Botox in her forehead, between her brows and even in crow’s feet, an area many women opt to leave alone in order to look more natural. Holly’s face looks slim, but she probably also uses a filler such as Juvederm in her cheeks and lips because they look very full and smooth for a woman who is otherwise slim and would probably have some hollow areas. Holly’s nasolabial folds are also barely visible, so she may use a filler there.


    Holly’s smooth face is in opposition to statements she has previously made saying that she doesn’t look like the look of too many fillers as people’s faces begin to move oddly.


    However, her new red ‘do isn’t the first time that Holly has wanted to transform herself. On her quest to become a Playboy Playmate, Holly has revealed that she had a lot of cosmetic surgery in order to look as stunning in her housemates and feel better about her low self esteem.


    Holly’s total plastic surgery transformation most likely included a breast augmentation, nose job, cheek implants and possibly a forehead lift.